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Found 1 result

  1. So, from time to time, we all bitch and moan about John's bizarre OST presentations, but which ones frustrate you the most? Upon revisiting Azkaban in the car today, I actually rolled my eyes upon reaching Mischief Managed (and no, not because the 12 minute track is an exhausting waste of album space). For some stupid reason I'd psyched myself up to hear the wonderful alternative ending to Buckbeak's Flight at this section, only to realise John reused the same ending as Buckbeak's Flight from earlier in the OST: The film version of the end credits features the alternate ending from the film proper after Harry & Hermione rescue Sirius from the cell atop Hogwarts. Worse still, in a Temple of Doom-esque moment of madness, John microedited the very cool start of the end credits to remove a fun variation on the Double Trouble theme (almost entirely absent from the OST). It got me thinking: which "creative" OST decisions, be it combined tracks, microedits (no shortage of those) or repeated cues, have frustrated you the most? ie. Why Mike Matessino is our savior.
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