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Found 18 results

  1. Here is a new thread especially to discuss the John Williams Discography. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Williams_discography Created on Wikipedia by myself in 2012, it's the most complete JW discography that can be actually found. It includes all the works performed by John Williams, as a performer and a conductor. It also features a section dedicated to his discography as a composer, which features many compositions which he himself did not record. Please help me to keep it up to date! ___ With a little advance, here's a new update in the "Compilation / Reissue albums" section: 2015 A.I.
  2. Sony announce the boxset for 19 january 2018. I don't think there will be any remastering. But it's great for new collector who didn't already own these superb albums. For now, we can assume of this content: 1 Music of the Night (BPO) 2 Star Wars Trilogy (Skywalker Symphony) 3 The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration (BPO) 4 I Love a Parade (BPO) 5 The Green Album (BPO) 6 Joy to the World (BPO) 7 Night and Day (BPO) 8 Unforgettable (BPO) 9 Music for Stage and Screen (BPO) 10 It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing (BPO) 11 Williams on
  3. This morning I listened to a 2014 recording by the BBC Concert Orchestra on Spotify. I don't think it correspond to a physical album. The playing is good, but it contains a way too much echo for me, but the thing is they recorded the End Titles from The Empire Strikes Back. Well, I think it's worth of mention. Except the Gerhardt version, I don't remember any other re-recording of this piece. Please feel free to share your own discoveries!
  4. This is a comprehensive list of all movies that were scored by Jerry Goldsmith and destinated for the big screen in chronological order. I didn't include TV movies, TV-series or the two mini-series (QB VII and Masada). I did, however, include all the rejected scores for motion pictures that are at least known to be recorded (Alien Nation, Gladiator, The Public Eye, 2 Days in the Valley and Timeline). For the collectors, I've noted the name of the label and release date of each score's most recent and most expanded CD set. I will eventually add what type of release (OST,
  5. Here are the albums where "Johnny" is at the keyboard, piano or organ. Any favourites? UPDATED: 2017-09-19 Studio albums 1957 The John Towner Touch 1957 World on a String 1957 The Johnny Williams Orchestra Plays Sounds from Screen Spectaculars (also known as Bigs Hits from Columbia Pictures) Singles 1957 "Recipe For Love" – "I'm Too Young" MGM Sheb Wooley; John Towner Williams, piano. 1957 "I Found Me An Angel" – "So Close To Heaven" MGM Sheb Wooley, B-Side: John Towner Williams, piano. 1958 "
  6. I just re-discovered this wonderful track on the Boston Pops album "On stage" directed dy JW. I really love it! Slaughter on Tenth Avenue is a ballet with music by Richard Rodgers and choreography by George Balanchine. It occurs near the end of Rodgers and Hart's 1936 Broadway musical comedy On Your Toes. Slaughter is the story of a hoofer who falls in love with a dance hall girl who is then shot and killed by her jealous boyfriend. The hoofer then shoots the boyfriend.Source: Wikipedia
  7. Here's a list of singles and rarities that never made it on to any commercial album collection. Do you have any others in mind? - The Pixies featuring the John T. Williams Orchestra: My Johnny (1958)- The Pixies featuring the John T. Williams Orchestra: Pigmy Love (1958)- Johnny Williams And His Orchestra: The Black Knight (1960) - Johnny Williams And His Orchestra: Augie's Great Piano (1960) - Johnny Williams: Montreal (1962) - Johnny Williams: Tuesday's Theme (1962) - Alternate tracks from Goodbye Mr. Chips Promo LP (1969) - Theme From Superman (Main Title) (Edit) (1978) - Yes, Giorgio: If W
  8. Hi group. According to my discography, here are the most recorded JW concert works (including his own versions). Please tell me if I something is missing, thanks! Liberty Fanfare - 22 listed recordings in the discography 1986 Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty ("The President's Own" United States Marine Band/Bourgeois) 1987 By Request… (John Williams/Boston Pops) 1987 United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band: We The People (Welsh, United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band/Graham) 1988 American Jubilee (Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops O)
  9. I try What @Jay asked me to do, to be more specific in our threads titles... we'll see how time it will hold. So the lastest press news, says the 6 CD will feature the "reconstructed" programs of the 6 OST (in the case of the OT, we obviously speak about the LP programs). Yes, we calculated it, the 2-LP programs can now fit on a single modern CD. So that's it... now, we have to wait for new relevant information that will be given by secured sources (Disney, etc.) and some our friends who have contacts...
  10. Hey Sony, you forgot those recordings in your boxset... Please don't forget them in your next compilations!
  11. Hi, Without making a real Top 10, I wonder which are your favourite "JW & Boston Pops" albums? There are few sources which review and comment these albums on the web, so what would be for example, your suggestion for anybody who would want to begin a basic collection? After a quick search on the John Williams Discography Wiki, here are I think all the Boston Pops albums recorded with John Williams: Studio Albums Boston Pops: Pops in Space Boston Pops: Pops on the March Boston Pops: That's Entertainment Boston Pops: We Wish You A Merry Christmas Boston Pops: Aisle Seat – Great Fim Music Bos
  12. Hi experts, My website tries to document the OST albums that contains a "Re-recording" (you can search using this keyword in the main albums page). Example: Checkmate [Original Music from The CBS-TV Show] (1960, Columbia, CL 1591, Re-recording) Theme From Checkmate; The Isolated Pawn; Cyanide Touch; Far Out Place; Hassle In The Castle; En Passant; The Black Night; Fireside Eyes; The Bishop's Retreat; Queen's Sacrifice; Shy Youth; The King Swings. So I would like to know if some are missing on
  13. We talked about alternate takes & cues in an other thread and I wonder if a new section on my website about those "alt" would be relevant. Do we have enough to document them? Do a fan here have the exact infos about them? Do we know more than these ones? Do you think it would be relevant to document those alternates in one single place? ____ Alternates and where to find them Star Wars (1977) Abbreviations: OLP stands for original double album; FOXB stands for the Fox Scores/Arista 4-CD Box Set; RCA stands for the RC
  14. As an archivist who have documented some discographies on the web (on Wikipedia and on my own websites), I consider that some Labels (like Fresh Sound Records, to name one), who put 2 LP by two different artists on 1 CD, are doing a great mistake. Why they do that? To boost the sales of a lesser known artist, using the fame of another? To group the albums under a theme or a genre? Just because they don't have a long term vision in the reissue plan of their stuff... Why??? Understand me, to put these CD on a discography is... tricky. Do we have to count them as Reissues... Collaboratio
  15. Here are the discography of JW & The London Symphony Orchestra. Any missing entries? Studio Albums 1977 Star Wars [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]1978 Superman: The Movie [Original Sound Track]1978 The Fury [Original Soundtrack Recording]1979 Dracula [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back [The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture]1981 Raiders Of The Lost Ark [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]1982 Monsignor [From The 20th Century Film]1983 Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi [The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]1997 The Hollywood Sound1997 T
  16. Here are all the collaborative albums of John Williams where he's credited as conductor, as well as the albums where he appears as a "guest star" with other conductors. I bet none of us really listened to all these albums! But among those you know, which ones are your favourites? NOTE: This list doesn't include compilations, unless they are the only source. 1957 Yvonne De Carlo Sings 1957 Porgy & Bess 1960 Pam Garner Sings Ballads for Broken Hearts 1960 James Darren Sings Songs from His Films & More 1961 Vic Damone - Young and Lively 1961 Frankie Laine - Hell Bent for Leather! 1961 Fr
  17. Just found this: http://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/r/Chamber%2BOrchestra%2Bof%2BPhiladelphia/COP013
  18. It is perhaps still too early to talk about this, but it must be done sooner or later, I mean to group all John Williams albums together in a coffret. For my part, I find that it would be interesting to do a Television and Film music coffret with the replica of all the original albums, all pre-digital tracks remastered from the original Master analog tapes. Any other ideas? Here is my suggestion for a first coffret of 50 CD, covering the 1960-1992 era. John Williams The Original Soun
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