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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, My name is Rafie and I am from Clovis, California and I just want to say that I really admire John Williams' amazing scores from Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, etc. However, I would love to know what your guys' favorite JW score is. Let me know and feel free to reply in the comments. Thanks, Rafie
  2. So, E.T. appears to have had a number of planned album tracks that were never used. I recently noticed a number of cues in John Williams' original sketches are marked 'In Album', but aren't actually heard on the 1982 album as it was released. The cues with these 'Album' indications are: 1M1 Revised - The Forest (the only one on the list actually on the OST) 2M3 Alternate Beginning (with an indication to segue to bar 5 of 2M3) 3M2 Meeting E.T. 5M2 E.T. Raids The Icebox (with an indication to overlap the downbeat of bar 54 with bar 43 of 5M5) 5M5 E.T. Gets An Idea 9M1 Keyes Enters The House 10M1 He Came To Me (with an indication to segue to 9M1 at the end) I've reconstructed the two cue combinations: E.T. Raids the Icebox and E.T. Gets An Idea He Came To Me and Keyes Enters The House So, I wonder what the story is here? The LP is already about 40 minutes, so there wouldn't have been enough space for its current contents plus all these other cues. Could a double LP have been considered? Or maybe these were planned before the unique OST arrangements were created? Who knows...
  3. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial and Jaws will reportedly be coming to IMAX theaters. E.T. will be August 12 in celebration of the 40th Anniversary. Jaws will be September 2, with a 3D IMAX Post-conversion. Source: Deadline I am super excited for both, but more for Jaws in 3D (not to be confused with the third sequel Jaws 3-D). I’m a huge 3D nut, so this is hopefully really happening, and hopefully a 3D Blu-Ray will follow. (Yes, projector owners are still enthusiastic 3D supporters) No word on whether the sound mixes will be original or updated.
  4. Hi to all JWFN members. It is great to see such dedication and knowledge to the man who has scored more than just the movies. On that note The History Press and I would like to share word of a new book published now in the UK and September 1st 2018 in the US. John Williams is the spine and soul of this book. Mark O’Connell didn’t want to be Luke Skywalker. He wanted to be one of the mop-haired kids on the Star Wars toy commercials. And he would have done it had his parents had better pine furniture and a condo in California. Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman didn’t just change cinema – they made lasting highways into our childhoods, toy boxes and video stores like never before. In Watching Skies, O’Connell pilots a gilded X-Wing flight through that shared universe of bedroom remakes of Return of the Jedi, close encounters with Christopher Reeve, sticker album swaps, the trauma of losing an entire Star Wars figure collection and honeymooning on Amity Island. From the author of Catching Bullets – Memoirs of a Bond Fan, Watching Skies is a timely hologram from all our memory systems. It is about how George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, a shark, two motherships, some gremlins, ghostbusters and a man of steel jumped a whole generation to hyperspace*. *Action figures sold separately. From examining his contributions to these key films, the soundtracks to broken homes and the VHS revolution to seeing the musical DNA from JANE EYRE all the way through to ATTACK OF THE CLONES, WATCHING SKIES is as much about John Williams as it is Spielberg, Lucas and Donner. It is about how 'Leaving Home' was exactly the cue going through the author's life and mind when he did just that, how the 'Love Theme from Superman' had to be played at a Pinewood Studios wedding, how 'ET and Me' scored a divorce and how a honeymoon on Amity Island couldn't help but hear those JAWS 2 harps at every street corner and beach rock. Were it not for the work of Williams, this book and these movies would not exist with the same legacy they have today. WATCHING SKIES - STAR WARS, SPIELBERG AND US is available now. WATCHING SKIES on Facebook WATCHING SKIES on Twitter For more about WATCHING SKIES and author Mark O'Connell
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