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Found 1 result

  1. The subject was doubtless already approached here, but I find that it is not well enough documented on the web. I've learned some time ago that the version of the "Finale/End Titles" found on the SE ESB CD, is not the movie version. As a matter of fact, this version, the same that was previously issued on the Polydor CD, always was a "montage" of re-recorded versions done specially for the 1980 album. To find the movie version of the "Finale" (It's the movie version or an alternate take I'm not shure), you have to check on the the CD2 of the Anthology Box Set... Unfortunately, this version is (not so well) mixed with the re-recorded "End Titles". So it's an "hybrid" version... And to find the movie version of the "End Title", you have to check on the CD 4 of the Anthology Box Set. Then again, it's an "hybrid" version, because they strangely (certainly by lack of space) mixed it with the Original ROTJ finale... This "End Titles" version was supposely never put on an album before, because of some distortion problems. So, If I'm not wrong, the only way to hear the original movie "montage" of the "Finale/End Titles" is on the DVD or Blu-Ray. It can't be found on an album. Strange destiny for such a legendary piece, no?
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