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Found 3 results

  1. I am speaking of a LTP concert (also known as the 'film-with-live-orchestra' concerts) where every music-cue from that concert is performed on stage by an orchestra without the film and its audio track. If any orchestra would be crazy enough to do it, would you buy a ticket for it? We all have enjoyed listening to our favorite film scores over the years on record, CD, digital file, etc. Eventhough we now have these LTP concerts with these film scores played live at a concert hall, the film’s sound is layered over it. To add insult to injury, the orchestra’s playing is mic’d up and sent out to the speakers with the film’s audio, so, it takes away the joy of listening to the orchestral music with the hall’s acoustics. For me, the excitement of hearing a specific film score at a concert hall, that I’ve heard many times on a CD, is to see how music like this can sound in the concert hall environment. I know @Thor doesn’t care for the LTP concerts as they are now. It seems that the only way one can hear, even a portion, of a film score from the LTP concert without the film’s audio would be at a rehearsal, as evidenced in these rehearsal videos. Star Wars: A New Hope https://www.facebook.com/QCSymphony/posts/10157051840560170 The Great Escape https://www.facebook.com/bbcconcertorchestra/videos/2459519684290760 Star Trek Beyond https://www.instagram.com/p/BIDVtsrgGuv/?hl=en Unfortunately, I have yet to see any notices of open rehearsals for these concerts.
  2. World Premiere: City Light Symphony Orchestra. Thiago Tiberio, conductor KKL Luzern Concert Hall, Luzern, Switzerland December 4th and 5th, 2020 https://www.citylightconcerts.ch/event/dances-with-wolves-kkl-luzern/ Finally, John Barry is getting’ some L2P love.
  3. The concert production company, Film Concerts Live, has done 5 feature-length, Live-to-Projection, concert programs of Steven Spielberg films with John Williams’ music: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Raiders of the Lost Ark Jurassic Park Jaws CE3K Will FCL do another Spielberg/Williams film in 2019? If so, what film will it be? Here is what I think will be potentials. My guesses are based on what American concert venues might be receptive to. I’m thinking that they will take programs that will attract family audiences—more kids, more money. Oh, and the remaining Indiana Jones films are off this table as they are owned by Disney and they may be produced through DisneyConcerts. Lost World-Jurassic Park: It was knocked down by critics, but kids still love dinosaurs. When I attended the Jurassic Park-LTP concerts, I would see children dressed in dinosaur masks and their spiked-backed snuggies. The film itself is no more violent then the first, just the peril is intense. For FCL, it will go well in their Jurassic franchise that includes JP and Jurassic World which BTW I’ve not seen any bookings for it since its Washington, DC premiere last May. I hope that Lost World-LTP will have a live-rhythm section in the orchestra and not an electronic sampler or sound that’s outputted from the soundtrack. Hook: It’s family-friendly with popular characters and places that children and adults have known--Neverland, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell. I personally hope that FCL doesn’t do it because the film was boring. Although these venues serve wine and beer, I don’t want to turn to alcohol to get through an evening. Here are other highly acclaimed Spielberg/Williams films that may not receive support from USA concert venues: Schindler’s List: Although it has received Oscars, directions, scoring, and Best Picture; the film has nudity (and not presented in a sexy context), it’s too violent, and too long at its 3 hour-and-15-minute running time, plus 20 minutes for intermission, and a few minutes for entr’acte music. All that would be too much for a venue to gamble. Saving Private Ryan: Another Oscar-winner for Best Picture and Best Director has some graphic war sequences, and that’s at the film’s opening. I suspect that if Spielberg asks FCL to prepare LTP concerts for any of these films, they’ll do it just to maintain the relationship with Spielberg and Williams. If some of these programs do not get bookings in the USA, they’ll have a better shot outside of the country. For example, LTP concerts of the films, Aliens and Gladiator have performed in European territories including England, Dublin, and Moscow and have yet to reach the USA concert halls. On the other hand, both FCL and the USA concert venues can surprise us in 2019.
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