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  1. I thought I should create a thread for Television music. I really like Star Trek TOS's music, and think that alot of TV shows should have Various composer, instead of just one reign of terror. I also recently discovered Tim Jones music for "Chuck" which, while not a masterpiece, has some good cues.
  2. Yes folks, it's finally happened. After the tragedy that was Firefly's axing and its brilliant movie followup - and a very long hiatus - Joss Whedon is ready to return to television with a brand spankin' new show called Dollhouse. Check out Whedonesque for more! Here's the description of the show: Echo (Eliza Dushku) [is] a young woman who is literally everybody's fantasy. She is one of a group of men and women who can be imprinted with personality packages, including memories, skills, language—even muscle memory—for different assignments. The assignments can be romantic, adventurous, outlandish, uplifting, sexual and/or very illegal. When not imprinted with a personality package, Echo and the others are basically mind-wiped, living like children in a futuristic dorm/lab dubbed the Dollhouse, with no memory of their assignments—or of much else. The show revolves around the childlike Echo's burgeoning self-awareness, and her desire to know who she was before, a desire that begins to seep into her various imprinted personalities and puts her in danger both in the field and in the closely monitored confines of the Dollhouse. Yes, you read right. Eliza Dushku! The only thing that could top this is if Nathan Fillion is somehow involved. Now there is some... other news. Yes, it seems it will be a FOX show, and as we all know that's not the most desirable after what happened with Firefly. But they've already commited to seven episodes which is news in iteslf, and Joss himself said "it's a completely new bunch of people, and from what I’ve seen, a fairly impressive bunch" Maybe there is hope for the network which seems to be a gaping black hole of crappy shows. So yeah. FREAKING AWESOME!!
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