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Found 4 results

  1. SCORE: - THEME - The Force Theme Credit for the Force Theme Archive i used as the basis for this thread goes to the admin emeritus General Kenobi from the TheForce.net board. Thanks for your work! Of all the themes and melodies John Williams ever composed the Force Theme is among the very best and famous ones. What makes it truly unique is the fact that it single-handedly is the most developed Williams theme ever. No other one has gone through so many permutations, has evoked so many different feelings and is still as listenable as at the first day. You strangely don’t get tired of this theme and this is proven by its extensive use throughout the whole Star Wars saga. The theme appears in all six Star Wars films and pretty much all the Star Wars games. It is also known as Ben Kenobi’s theme and is generally regarded as theme for the Jedi and the Force itself. In 1977 John Williams himself described the Force Theme (according to the liner notes of the LP release) as follows: l think of Ben Kenobi's theme as reflecting both him and, also, the Jedi Knights and the Old Republic that he remembers. It also serves to represent the Force, the spiritual-philosophical belief of the Jedi Knights, and the Old Republic. Like the Princess' Theme, it has a fairy tale aspect rather than a futuristic aspect. There is a lot of English horn in Ben's Theme which is often heard under dialogue. At other times, the melody becomes the heroic march of the Jedi Knights. Some interesting facts: There is no real developed concert suite of this theme. This is surprising considering its high importance in the Star Wars saga. Nevertheless the theme appears (without its B parts) in some of the other suites. The question remains… Why has John Williams not written a proper concert suite for his most developed theme ever? For three scenes of high emotional impact John Williams expanded the Force Theme with differing B-parts. ("For my ally is the Force." [Yoda And The Force, 0:58, 64sec]; "I'll meet you at the rendezvous point on Tatooine." [The Rebel Fleet, 0:03, 51sec]; Luke lights Vader's funeral pyre [Light Of The Force, 2:13, 52sec]) I counted 96 appearances in all six Star Wars scores consisting of 1606sec or 26min46sec. (Of course if i may have missed an appearance or two so feel free to contact me...) In addition there are 15 original theme appearances in the Star Wars Games and Multimedia Projects consisting of 218sec or 3min36sec. (I used a Force theme archive file from a fellow Star Wars fan as a starting point. The track titles in this list refer to the 1997 SE RCA releases for the Original Trilogy, to the Ultimate Edition for Episode 1 and the OST albums for Episode 2 and 3. Unreleased theme statements remain without corresponding track titles till an official release. The tracks are listed chronologically in appearance with Filmquote or Description [Track Title, Start time of the theme statement, Duration] - Short musical attributes like Mystical, Forceful,..) A New Hope (SE): 22 Appearances / 365sec / 6min5sec Leia programs R2 [imperial Attack, 2:21, 9sec] – Mystical, Low Key Binary Sunset [binary Sunset, 2:21, 31sec] – Epic, Poignant, Full Orchestra He's nowhere in sight. [binary Sunset, 3:27, 37sec] – Mystical, Poignant Come here my little friend. [Attack Of The Sand People, 2:47, 16sec] – Dark Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. [Tales Of A Jedi Knight, 0:09, 35sec] – Ethereal, Mystical The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. [Learn About The Force, 2:11, 16sec] – Ethereal Learn about the Force, Luke. [Learn About The Force, 3:53, 17sec] – Noble, Low Key Wait, Luke, it's too dangerous! [burning Homestead, 0:58, 7sec] – Sad, Epic, Fast and Forceful, Dramatic Luke finds Owen's and Beru's bodies [burning Homestead, 1:30, 12sec] – Sad, Epic, Dramatic, Full Orchestra I want to come with you to Alderaan. [Mos Eisley Spaceport, 0:31, 12sec] – Sad, Thoughtful, Move along, move along. [Mos Eisley Spaceport, 1:53, 5sec] – Low Key Chewie, get us outta here! [The Millennium Falcon, 1:54, 9sec] – Forceful, Fast Looks like an Imperial cruiser. [imperial Cruiser Pursuit, 2:16, 16sec] – Supportive, In Counterpoint to Action This is ridiculous. [The Death Star/The Stormtroopers, 1:46, 14sec] – Sad, Slow Obi-Wan's death [ben Kenobi's Death, 0:00, 6sec] – Sad, Low Key I can't believe he's gone. [TIE Fighter Attack, 1:01, 30sec ] – Sad, Low Key I'm gonna cut across the axis and try and draw their fire. [The Battle Of Yavin: X-wings Draw Fire, 1:11, 7sec] – Militaristic, Epic, Short This is Red Five, I'm going in. [The Battle Of Yavin: X-wings Draw Fire, 1:31, 11sec] - Militaristic, Epic Watch your back Luke, watch your back. [The Battle Of Yavin: X-wings Draw Fire, 3:40, 15sec] – Militaristic, Epic, In Counterpoint to Action I can't shake him. [The Battle Of Yavin: X-wings Draw Fire, 4:01, 15sec] - Militaristic, Epic, In Counterpoint to Action Use the Force, Luke. [The Battle Of Yavin: Use The Force, 6:49, 13sec] – Ethereal, Epic, Triumphant Medal Ceremony [The Throne Room, 0:17, 32sec] – Triumphant, Epic, Forceful, Militaristic, Full Orchestra The Empire Strikes Back (SE): 15 Appearances / 325sec / 5min25sec Luke gets his lightsaber [The Wampa's Lair, 1:07, 12sec] - Mystical, Dark You will go to the Dagobah system. [Vision of Obi-Wan, 4:52, 20sec] - Ethereal, Dark Begin retreat. Fall Back. [The Battle Of Hoth: Beneath The AT-AT, 10:21, 19sec] - Epic, Dramatic, Full Orchestra Something familiar about this place [Arrival On Dagobah, 4:35, 10sec] - Mystical, Low Key Much anger in him. Like his father. [Jedi Master Revealed, 0:09, 18sec] – Noble He is too old. Yes, too old to begin the training. [Jedi Master Revealed, 1:27, 15sec] - Noble I'm not afraid. [Jedi Master Revealed, 1:49, 8sec] - Low Key *not used in film [The Training Of A Jedi Knight, 1:06, 14sec] – Mystical, Noble For my ally is the Force. [Yoda And The Force, 0:58, 64sec] – Ethereal, Noble, Poignant, B - Part Through the Force, things you will see... [City In The Clouds, 2:23, 11sec] – Mystical Even Yoda cannot see their fate. [Lando's Palace, 1:42, 13sec] – Ethereal And I'll return. I promise. [Lando's Palace, 3:17, 31sec] – Poignant, Sad, Full Orchestra *not used in film [Departure Of Boba Fett, 10:58, 12sec] – Dramatic, Full Orchestra, Forceful, Epic Leia, hear me... Leia. [Rescue From Cloud City, 3:21, 27sec] – Ethereal, Epic, Dramatic, Full Orchestra I'll meet you at the rendezvous point on Tatooine. [The Rebel Fleet, 0:03, 51sec] – Playful, Poignant, Epic, Full Orchestra, B - Part Return Of The Jedi (SE): 19 Appearances / 331sec / 5min31sec The rancor picks up Luke [The Den Of The Rancor, 5:18, 5sec] – Dramatic, Militaristic Strong am I with the Force, but not that strong. [The Death Of Yoda, 2:52, 16sec] – Sad, Noble Your father he is." [The Death Of Yoda, 4:33, 25sec] – Sad, Dark Luke, the Force runs strong in your family. [The Death Of Yoda, 6:15, 15sec] - Mystical I can't do it R2 [The Death of Yoda 7:33, 13sec] - Sad, Mystical *not used in film [Obi-Wan's Revelation, 8:57, 21sec] – Low Key *not used in film [Obi-Wan's Revelation, 9:45, 14sec] – Low Key, Mystical Vader's on that ship. [shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor, 2:03, 16sec] – Dark I'm endangering the mission. [shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor, 2:41, 18sec] – Dark, Mystical Luke levitates C3PO [The Levitation, 0:19, 20sec] – Mystical, Ethereal 3PO tells of Obi-Wan/Vader duel [Threepio's Bedtime Story, 1:56, 4sec] – Low Key Leia, do you remember your mother--your real mother? [brother And Sister, 0:29, 17sec] – Low Key, Poignant, Sad You're wrong, Leia. You have that power too. [brother And Sister, 4:50, 10sec] – Low Key Obi-Wan has taught you well. [battle Of Endor II: The Duel Begins, 1:20, 7sec] – Noble, Low Key There is no conflict. [battle Of Endor II: The Duel Begins, 2:16, 7sec] – Noble, Low Key I am a Jedi. [battle Of Endor II: The Dark Side Beckons, 6:30, 9sec] – Noble, Dark Vader lifts the Emperor [battle Of Endor II: The Emperor's Death, 9:09, 10sec] – Dark, Epic, Full Orchestra, Dramatic *not used in film [Light Of The Force, 1:19, 52sec] - Sad, Poignant, Full Orchestra, Epic, Forceful Luke lights Vader's funeral pyre [Light Of The Force, 2:13, 52sec] – Sad, Poignant, Full Orchestra, B - Part Due to extensive editing and non complete soundtrack releases of the Prequels this is just a preliminary list which is subject to change as soon as the complete scores are released. Tracked statements are with one exception not included in this list. The Phantom Menace (UE): 11 Appearances / 143sec / 2min23sec Qui-Gon melts the blast doors [Fighting The Destroyer Droids, 1:02, 4sec] – Dramatic, Epic, Full Orchestra The Force is unusually strong in him. [shmi And Qui-Gon Talk, 1:38, 27sec] – Poignant Feel, don't think. [Qui-Gon's Prep Talk, 0:35, 13sec] – Low Key The life of a Jedi [Anakin is Free, 1:14, 13sec] – Ethereal, Poignant Don't look back. [Anakin Is Free, 4:48, 13sec] – Ethereal, Poignant, Epic, Full Orchestra Introducing Obi Wan [Qui-Gon and Darth Maul meet, 1:37, 5sec] - Ethereal Fear is the path to the dark side. [Anakin's Test, 1:16, 15sec] – Low Key, Mystical May the Force be with you. [Qui-Gon's Mission, 1:35, 5sec] – Dark Now this is pod-racing. [The Tide Turns, 0:57, 23sec] – Epic, Militaristic, Triumphant, Full Orchestra, Unique Counterline (Duel of the Fates) Obi-Wan senses Qui-Gon's lightsaber [The Death Of Darth Maul, 1:51, 14sec] - Dark What will happen to me now? [Funeral Of Qui-Gon, 0:26, 8sec] – Sad Attack Of The Clones (OST): 7 Appearances / 110sec / 1min50sec * not used in film; Palpatine's Plotting [unused, 30sec] - Dark, Mystical, Low Key Anakin and Padme depart for Naboo [Departing Coruscant, 0:49, 12sec] – Noble Dangerous and disturbing this puzzle is. [Yoda And The Younglings, 3:10, 9sec] – Sad, Mystical Anakin, I won't be long. [Return To Tatooine, 3:10, 21sec] - Epic, Poignant, Full Orchestra Anakin battles Geonosians on the conveyor belt [Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale, 0:09, 12sec] – Dramatic Anakin Force-throws droid parts at Geonosians [unreleased, 8sec] – Dramatic, Forceful She would do her duty. [Love Pledge And The Arena, 7:40, 18sec] – Epic, Dramatic, Full Orchestra Revenge Of The Sith (OST): 22 Appearances / 332sec / 5min32sec Approaching the Coruscant Space Battle [star Wars, The Revenge Of The Sith, 1:38, 27sec] – Militaristic, Epic, Full Orchestra, Forceful * not used in film [Grievous and the Droids, 3:13, 6sec] – Low Key Anakin pilots the Invisible Hand through the atmosphere [tracked from The Tide Turns, 0:57, 23sec] – Epic, Militaristic, Triumphant, Full Orchestra, Unique Counterline (Duel of the Fates) Mourn them, do not [Anakin's Dream, 3:31, 24sec] – Dark, Low Key Good relations with the Wookiees, I have. [Palpatine's Teachings, 2:59, 14sec] - Dark Obi-Wan leaves for Utapau [unreleased, 34sec] – Epic, Full Orchestra, Militaristic Obi-Wan arrives at Utapau [unreleased, 9sec] – Playful, Full Orchestra Obi-Wan riding the Boga [General Grievous, 0:38, 8sec] – Dark, Percussive Anakin jumps in an airspeeder [unreleased, 9sec] – Dark, Dramatic Anakin pleads with Mace to spare Palpatine [unreleased, 17sec] – Dark, Dissonant Yoda finishes killing clone troopers [Enter Lord Vader, 3:43, 6sec] - Dramatic Obi-Wan/Anakin force push [Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, 3:21, 13sec] – Chorus, Full Orchestra, Dramatic, Epic, Forceful I have failed you, Anakin. [battle Of The Heroes, 1:56, 15sec] – Chorus, Full Orchestra, Dramatic, Dark Obi-Wan arrives at Polis Massa [unreleased, 12sec] – Uplifting, Full Orchestra, Poignant Padmé dies [The Birth Of The Twins And Padmé's Destiny, 1:54, 5sec] - Sad Vader's rage [The Birth Of The Twins And Padmé's Destiny, 2:53, 5sec] – Sad, Unique Counter Line (Funeral Theme) To Tatooine, to his family send him. [unreleased, 14sec] – Poignant Training I have for you. [unreleased, 15sec] – Mystical Star Destroyer bridge [unreleased, 8sec] – Sad, Poignant Arrival at Alderaan [unreleased, 5sec] – String Transition Obi-Wan gives Luke to Beru [A New Hope and End Credits, 0:51, 28sec] – Poignant, Full Orchestra, Epic * not used in film [A New Hope and End Credits, 7:04, 35sec] - Triumphant, Epic, Militaristic, Full Orchestra Appearances in Star Wars Games and Multimedia Projects Over the years the Force Theme also appeared in several Star Wars games and multimedia projects. Most of them were recorded with full orchestra. Shadows of the Empire counts as the best of the bunch. Composer Joel McNeely recorded about 50 minutes of music with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and a 150 - piece chorus and incorporated the Imperial March and the Force Theme at appropriate moments. The Kotor games were praised for their good and versatile music. Jeremy Soule, the composer of Kotor 1, had to use an 8 megabit per second MIDI system. Regardless of the limitations he managed to compose an epic and worthy score with almost exclusively new thematic material. Mark Griskey on the other hand recorded his music for Kotor 2 and both Force Unleashed games with full orchestra. For the Force Unleashed games he decided to include a larger amount of established Williams themes. The Imperial March, the Force Theme, the Rebel fanfare as well as some lesser known Williams material like the Kamino motif all appear throughout the scores. In 2011 Bioware and Lucasarts released the very ambitious "The Old Republic" MMORPG. For this game a team of composers recorded over 4.5 hours of original music performed by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra and choir. Mark Griskey once again was one of the Lead composers. The team incorporated several Williams themes like Yoda's Theme or the Force Theme. The tracks are listed chronologically in appearance with Filmquote or Description [Track Title, Start time of the theme statement, Duration] - Short musical attributes like Mystical, Forceful,..) Shadows of the Empire (Soundtrack Album): 1 Appearance / 32sec [Night Skies, 3:10, 32 sec] – Noble, Full Orchestra, Epic Knights of the Old Republic (Complete Score): 1 Appearance / 19sec [bastila Shan’s Theme, 0:50, 19 sec] – Ethereal, Poignant Knights of the Old Republic II (Complete Score): 1 Appearance / 13sec [Lightside, 0:00, 13 sec] – Ethereal, Upbeat The Force Unleashed (Promo): 5 Appearances / 38sec [General Kota and the Control Room, 2:52, 11sec] – Militaristic, Full Orchestra [Drexl’s Raiders, 2:18, 5 sec] – Forceful, Dramatic [infiltrating the Junk Temple, 1:42, 6 sec] – Militaristic, Full Orchestra [Maris and the Bull Rancor, 1:50, 13sec] – Percussive, Dark [Redemption, 1:28, 3 sec] – Low Key, Short The Force Unleashed II (Promo): 1 Appearance / 24sec [Discovering Dagobah and the Cave, 6:29, 24sec] – Full Orchestra, Noble The Old Republic (Promo): 1 Appearance / 6sec [Tython the Wellspring, 2:49, 6sec] - Poignant, Thematic Variation The Old Republic (Collector's Edition Soundtrack): 5 Appearances / 1min26sec [Justice, The Jedi Knight, 1:25, 4sec] - Short Transition [Justice, The Jedi Knight, 3:57, 7sec] - Militaristic, Dark [Peace, The Jedi Consular, 0:00, 38sec] - Full Orchestra, Noble [Peace, The Jedi Consular, 3:15, 31sec] - Full Orchestra, Dark, Mystical [Peace, The Jedi Consular, 4:00, 6sec] - Dark, Mystical Update: Edited to include additional Force Theme statements (Thanks to oierem) Included parts of JW 1977 liner notes and further explanations for the tracklists Started to include several Force Theme appearances in Star Wars games and Multimedia projects Added Force Theme Appearances from the Old Republic game score
  2. So seeing as they will be dropping the first trailer to The Last Jedi this Friday at Star Wars Celebration. Do we know if Williams composed the music for it? Hope to hear some new music in it. Mind you I just can't wait to see the trailer!
  3. Very soon will be released the first book about the music of Star Wars. Publishing House (Berenice / Spain). Title: Star Wars. La música (Star Wars. The Music). For more info contact with the Press Department Manager: Jefe de prensa José María Arévalo López de Ontiveros (+34) 639 149 886 jarevalo@editorialalmuzara.com
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