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Dear Sir / Madam,


I have made a transcription/set of variations of The Imperial March from Star Wars.  I have a student who is supposed to play it in a local music competition this coming weekend.


I made this transcription without any intention of claiming that I wrote the original and I have made this clear on the score.  It is edited in a way that makes it possible for small hands but in better taste than a lot of the transcriptions out there.  It is a set of 3 variations with a coda at the end.  There is no introductory theme (like you would find in a traditional set of variations) but only variations with a softer interlude half way through to break up the first two variations. I think that more than 40% of this piece has been edited or changed but I am not sure.  It takes about 2 minutes to play.


There is no intention to publish this work or claim copyright for the original.  I have not sold it to the student or his parents or anyone else for that matter.  I have no intention to sell it.  It is only for my one student to play and develop his technique while enjoying what he is using for educational purposes.  I have no intention to make money in any way through this piece or for anyone else to make money directly or indirectly from this piece.


The local event has a programme but the only details which are published in the programme are the names of the competitors.  There is no need for the student to announce the title and composer of the piece although if it is required then he will do so.  The event organisers are not making money or advertising the event by using the title of this piece or the original composer's name.  It is also a non-profit event.


There will be no recording made of this piece when played.  The event organisers will be making sure of this.  No audio or video recordings will be made and there will be supervisors in the room making sure of this also.


The student who is playing this piece along with his parents have been primed not to allow anyone to have a copy of the sheets or give them to anyone else.  They are very respectful of the laws of the land and are only interested in promoting their son's musical interests and have agreed to the terms that I have laid down as well as any which we will potentially be given by anyone in authority.  As soon as the student has finished playing the sheets will be taken back and destroyed.


Is there anyway for us to get permission for him and only him to play this piece during this coming weekend?  If anyone can help I would really appreciate it as hours of reading up on copyright law has not brought me close to finding out what is permissible and what isn't as far as movie Music is concerned.  I have even asked Radnich and Belousova how they got permission to transcribe, record, sell and show for free on YouTube their transcriptions and paraphrases of Star Wars but they have not replied and we are running out of time.


My student has worked for just over a whole year (now 8 years old) to be able to play this piece.  It would be a crying shame if it was not possible.  How can we get official permission for him to play it just in case a representative of the PRS turns up to this event?  Do we need official permission?




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