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John Williams @ the Hollywood Bowl: Olympic Fever

Hector J. Guzman

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The Hollywood Bowl web site has put up the calendar for this coming summer, and what has become a tradition, the John Williams concert, this time titled "Olympic Fever"

Olympic fever hits the Bowl as John Williams returns to conduct his own scores in music which defines the sound of the modern Olympiad. The program also includes music from several of his celebrated film scores, making it a night at the Bowl you won’t want to miss.

I hope he brings a chorus to perform the 2002 theme he wrote for the Winter Olympics, and also conducts that special Olympics theme he wrote in the late 80s.

This will be an exciting summer, no doubt, in southern California for us fans of Williams.

John Williams is sharing the podium on two concerts in June to conduct the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Orange County.

Dates for the concerts at the Hollywood Bowl:

Friday, August 27 and Saturday, August 28, 2004.

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I'm hoping to catch him at least twice up here in NE before the summer is out...I've never been out to L.A...what exactly is the Hollywood bowl? Is it like the Esplande Hatch Shell up here @ Boston (sry for all Boston Comparisons, but i guess thats what I know...)

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Yes, it's more or less like the one in Boston. It's a shell, except in Boston, if I'm not mistaken, where people take their seats is kind of like a flat park, I'm not sure. At the Hollywood Bowl, the seats are made of wood, and numbered. There's a section where they have boxes, for families or groups. The Hollywood Bowl was constructed right on a hill, so all the seats are going down, much like in one of those stadium seating cinemas.

The Waldbuhne, where the Berlin Philharmonic performs on summers also has this kind of setting, only it's not a shell, and it has a nice looking forest behind (at least it looks that way from the video), but they also have people sitting in the grass, unlike the Hollywood Bowl.

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For those of you that have been following this story, I am sad to report that the orchestra shell at the Hollywood Bowl is no longer. It was demolished the weekend of October 26th after a long campaign to save it.

Oh, too bad. I did know they wanted to take out the old one and out a new one for better acoustics and also a little bigger because it could barely hold a full symphony orchestra. This is funny, the first time I heard this news was a week after I attended a concert there and the first time I saw John Williams in the summer of 2000. They tried to improve its acoustics with those giant spheres hanging in the forward part of the shell.

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You were right about the Hatch Shell in Boston, it is just a flat park. I think the big difference is all concerts are free at the Hatch Shell.....About the Hollywood Bowl...how old was the original one that they demolished?

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More for Donnelly24:

New Bowl shell

Original shell:


Original in modern times:


Construction on the new one:


Actually there has been four different shells there, but the one in use until last year was built in 1929.

Numerous attempts to improve the 1929 shell's acoustics were undertaken over the years.

In 1980, Gehry designed hollow fiberglass spheres which were hung within the Bowl shell in a carefully-calculated arrangement. While helpful, the spheres did not solve acoustical issues that continued to be problematic for the venue. In addition, the 1929 shell was unable to accommodate a full orchestra; nearly 1/3 of the musicians sat outside of the shell affecting the quality of sound produced.

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I dont blame ya for knowing all this stuff about it. I seem to know a lot about stuff related to the Boston Symphony Orchestra/Boston Pops...my parents laugh at me because they dont understand why I care so much about all this stuff...i just think its interesting! Useless knowledge can be fun!

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I was hoping to go to the Pacific Symphony Orchestra; a friend of mine plays in it. Alas, it didn't work out. If I end up going to the Hollywood Bowl, can anyone recommend a good hotel? Last time I was in Hollywood I ended up staying in Little Taiwan and ... well, let's just say it wasn't a memorable time.

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