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Trying to find the source for some music in Jedi Outcast

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I've been trying to find the Artus Topside combat music for the last few days, and I've listened to most of the soundtracks for all the Star Wars movies that were out at the time. I know the second part is from either the first part of The Battle of Hoth or Aboard the Executor, and the third part is an excerpt from The Asteroid Field, but the first part is a mystery to me. Can anyone more familiar with the music, either released or unreleased, help figure out what this is, or at least which movie it's from?


Link to music in question

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It's Mynock Cave: it's at the end of the first track on the 1980 Double LP Empire Strikes Back OST, and track 10 "Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave" on the more complete 1997 Special Edition 2-disc release of Empire. The second part is indeed early in The Battle of Hoth.

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