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Yavar Moradi

Latest Goldsmith Odyssey interview features David Newman also discussing John Williams!

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The Goldsmith Odyssey had a bit of a hiatus, but we're back with a very extensive and varied conversation with composer/conductor David Newman, who also had the distinction of playing as a session violinist on multiple Goldsmith scores including Contract on Cherry Street and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which he gives an important behind-the-scenes view on here. He also spends some time comparing Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams, and discusses his experiences conducting the music of the latter live to picture. Therefore I thought it was appropriate to share on this side of the board as well:




I should mention that Williams's friend, conductor Leonard Slatkin, also spoke about him in the very first Odyssey Interview I conducted (though not nearly as much as David Newman does):



I would love to hear people's thoughts on this conversation as I found it quite eye-opening!



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