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  1. Man, I just registered for expressing this. I hope someone share my feelings so we can share some shame and sorrow for them. I play the piano and the guitar (boring classic music also) and as a kid I performed in churches playing old latin songs but this si different. Few years ago I was forced to listen a concert in which my future wife performed as a contralt "for the beauty of the earth" by John Rutter. My gosh, kill me now, don't make me suffer this. I survived miraculously that time. But now is different. One close friend performs next week as a soprano (probably first soprano) "The Magnificat" by John Rutter. In adittion I'm supposed to pay 5€, and enjoy the evening in a probably non AC auditory. What I've done wrong in my live to deserve this shit, someone have some ideas. Cannot my dear friend had some tendency to pooldancing or axethrowing instead for F. JohnRutter? What should I do? I can't even listen 5 minutes of the 40 minutes theme on youtube. And they will probably play it slower and less sharp... I'm sorry John Rutter I don't care about you being ugly just make music enjoyable enough for the audience and not only the singers. If ever your are in a chiir and they come with the idea of playing F.J.F.Rutter run as fast as you can, hug your mother or your partner and confess what you were about to do to them. don't believe me? Do som poll after some JFRutter concert about suicidal thoughts. Can I make fun about how boring is to listen? I bet this flutist was having deep troubling and confusing thoughts about his own existence and the mesning of life participating in such a concert...
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