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  1. Dracula Soundtrack. Track: "For Mina" "For Mina" starts with a wonderfully slow and haunting solo trumpet theme. I used to always use this as a warm-up when i played Euphonium.
  2. Anyone else surprised that Marion's theme was not really used at all?? i really expected this theme to weave in/out of the movie more. was it only used at opening and ending credits??
  3. well... on that post.... very few posts are from today. the few from today are again complainging about the box set.. and talking about Lord of the Rings.... if this CD came out today.... why is no one discussing it?? 659 posts BEFORE the CD even comes out?? and now that it's out.... no one is discussing it ??
  4. okay.... i picked up the CD today. where is the thread where you guys discuss the score??? instead seems like a bunch of posts complaining about the boxset, and getting way off topic. the posts discussing each track separately seems like a great idea. but it's 10:23 central time... and you guys are only up to track 4?? does no one own this CD yet?? why is no one discussing what they hear?? i'm totally confounded and frustrated.
  5. I have this soundtrack. on cassette. (London Digital PDV5 9001) i've looked for it on CD, and have never found it. I'm confused... that scan above looks like a scan of an official CD release of the soundtrack. but it's not??? Anyone have this on CD ?? I'd like to get John's tracks of course, but also am interested in finding this particular recording of Turandot on CD, it's excellent!
  6. okay.... in no particular order .... 1. The unaccompanied cornet solo at beginning of "For Mina" DRACULA soundtrack. haunting (also the string melody - just after said cornet solo. lovely!) 2. French horn solo/melody in Phantom Menace "Jar Jar speaks with Boss Nass" (or whatever his name is) 3. Trumpet solo - Death of Jonathan Kent - SUPERMAN (not normally such a huge brass fan.... those just jumped out.... from memory here) John Willams is truly a master of the melody. He not only excels in his "main themes" but also all the wonderful melodies found within each of his scores. His music is not just "background chords/rhythms" that other composers seem to resort to - John always seems to have something to "say" via a melody line. i'm convinced he could write an opera if he wanted, as his melodies are so singable.
  7. according to the CSO web-site there is NO pre-concert talk on Fri. p.m. There is one, however, on Saturday when I'll be attending. http://www.cso.org/sat_performdetail.taf?eventid=5115 I won't be dining at Rhapsody before hand on Sat... (too expensive, although it is elegant) I'll keep my eyes open for big time fans at the pre-concert on Sat. watch for me too.... (my description above, in previous posting). For the concert.... our seats on in Lower Balcony E-9 area.... that on the LEFT side as you're FACING the stage/orchestra. for pre-concert talks... can we sit anywhere?? i'll plan on looking for Kathy in the lobby around 6:30 (pre-concert talk starts @ 6:45) Kathy... hope to see you there. Greg
  8. I'll be attending Sat. p.m. with 2 friends... anyone meeting ahead of time. we'll definitely be at the pre-concer talked. Greg here..... light purple dress shirt. black pants. 5'9" 37 y/o caucasian... find me there!! no doubt we'll be arriving to the pre-concert talk early. would love to chat with other fans. this is hilarous. LOL
  9. Well... at least this subject is somewhat On-Topic.... compared with all the Off-Topic LOTR posts... g
  10. Do you think it's time for our dear Mr. Williams to obtain some smaller more stylish frames for his eyewear???
  11. I'm going to the Horn Concerto World Premier in November. Sat. night. Anyone else going? is there a JW fan party anywhere??
  12. people, thank you for your concern. My JW CD collection has been FOUND!! The police called me the other morning stating they had found my stolen car. It was only 10 blocks away!! They gave me the address, and I rushed over to see it, not knowing what I might find. When I got there there was a police squad car parked next to it. They had already called the tow truck and were waiting for it to arrive. I spoke with the officer and explained who I was, and he let me go into the unlocked car and retrieve anything I could find. my ENTIRE JW CD collection was still in the vehicle!! Virtually everything else i had left in the car was still in the car!! I lost a few other CD's but I believe that's ALL i lost. i collected everything and returned home. the car has been towed away, and it now belongs to the insurance company. I attribute this completely to the wonderful Mercy of GOD. : ) I will be visiting a friend soon and burning copies of my CD's.
  13. okay... the car that was stolen was a Honda Civic, very popular for the thieves. i had numerous JW CD's as well as other CD's in the car. a total of 28 CD's. I kept a lot of CD's in my car, cuz that's where i listened to music. and it was the most convenient. being a trusting person i never thought anything this tragic would happen. i've learned my lesson. CDR's in the future. !! CD's are NOT covered by the insurance policy because they were taken from a car. Had they been stolen out of my home, they would be covered. the Lord quickly found a car for me. it's better than the first and i got a great deal on it. it's got all the bells and whistles including a security system, and a 6 disc CD changer in the trunk. what kind of car??? another Honda Civic.!!! : ) They rock!! i've managed to dup some discs already..... the remaining (Soundtracks) discs i'm still in need of are.... - Raiders of the Lost Ark (19 tracks) DZS-090 - E.T. (8 tracks) MCAD-31073 - this is the orginally issued soundtrack for E.T. far better i feel than the more recently re-leases. This is the one i'm most grieved by. - Minority Report - A.I. - Compilation CD (double disc) of John's music. Called "Close Encounters" it contained music from "presumed innocent" "towering inferno" and others... - Signs (James Newton Howard) Any help you can give would be Greatly appreciated, particularly E.T. You guys rock!!! thanks for your support!! Greggeth (Milwaukee, WI)
  14. Yes.... definitely CD-R's in the future. I've learned my lesson. Trading Board: i don't have much to trade. Except for $$$.
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