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  1. I'm not going near that with a 10 'foot'. . . . . . POLE! but he is a hottie!
  2. what's wrong with chatting? I have been trying to keep my posting to a minimum. it was just too fun that night we were all on at the same time. Ren
  3. My guess is that Maggie and Richard don't want to continue because of the time it will take and their age. I went ga ga over Wood
  4. never mind i should have read on. i guess it's in the gringott's flag. i'll try later
  5. question for you! how do i get to the deleted scenes? someone said to go to classrooms. but you can't go without a wand and if you go to get a wand you need money and to go to gringott's you need a key WHERE"S THE FREAKIN' KEY~
  6. well. maybe a mass meeting is a little much. i've been a part of a message board where people who live in the same area meet and go out and post pics for the other members to see....like the people who live in MA, VT, ME, NH all get together somewhere etc etc
  7. Thanks for the sites. my curiosity stems from working with kids and unusual names. I like to keeplists of names I have heard only once and when I hear it again elsewhere - i scratch it off. as you know I have an unusual name so there lies the other curiosity.
  8. i want to die everytime i hear Schindler's List
  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU! yes the talking was incessant and annoying. i knew the kids name was something common sounding but uncommonly misspelled. i like ryne AND cian
  10. lucius is DEFINITELY in Book 3! that makes a little more sense
  11. I'd love to see pics! I hope i can go in Aug. renovia@yahoo.com
  12. wand in your pocket! lol lol lol ren, a little slow on the uptake! sorry, back on topic!
  13. oh boy are you in trouble! Ren~ who had no idea her post count was so high
  14. wasn't she supposed to be with me today???? (lol)
  15. Ok. I watched it today and didn't see it.
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