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  1. Can't say that 2D Neptunia game is very exciting, but I'll try to finish it I also have Bard's Tale IV Director's Cut. I watched a bit of gameplay and it seems interesting
  2. Maybe a compilation of some sort. I don't expect a new film score.
  3. I tasted those the other day. I think they tasted a bit like seafood
  4. I dunno, the previously healthy 30 year old doctor who first reported the virus died of it. Not a good sign.
  5. no! I also keep hitting ; instead of ' and I have to correct that manually all the time.
  6. I've had a seller cancel and refund a transaction after I paid because he wasn't happy with the price of the item. There's not much you can do about it either .
  7. People are bothered by the spaces (or lack of) in my puctuation, not my actual punctuation
  8. I could barely hear They Will Come in the film and the last section of the Victory theme was cut out.Same with the big statement in Farewell...it sort of didn't stick out for some reason. The only thing in the film that really sticks out is Lando Arrives and it's unreleased music both on the OST and FYC
  9. well the other Neptunia games I played were hilarious
  10. French is my first language. And also I don't care about punctuation.
  11. looks like a 2D platformer/RPG to me
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