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  1. Too bad there's almost 0 chance he'll conduct the Rise of Skywalker suite since he's snubbed it so far.
  2. yeah sure , this release has a 3000% more chances of happening than anything SW/Indy related. we just got Always I bet this is next
  3. I was talking about current Hollywood trends in general, a lot of which does get me triggered. As for Indy I've stayed out of this thread mostly to avoid spoilers .I just want them to finish it so Williams can work on the score ASAP and we can spend the next 5 years discussing the unreleased music
  4. I don't care if this specific article is true or not, but the way things are is very alarming for our beloved film franchises and iconic movie characters in general.
  5. I don't think I'm allowed to go on a rant about race/gender swapping iconic movie characters.
  6. You mean the actual fans of the franchise? Can't post the rest of my reply by fear of breaking current MB rules. For situations like this I'll have to come up with some sort of universal reply so you sort of know what I wanted to say without actually saying it.
  7. I don't understand what was wrong with these posts either. Anyways I'll be mostly limiting my posting to non satirical, straightforward comments on the latest expanded release or new Williams piece/score. It's the first time in the board history where I feel like literally anything else you say can possibly get you a warning or ban from the mods. Political posts used to be easy to avoid and this place existed mainly to discuss movies ,TV shows, videogames and film scores, but it's hard when everything you loved about all that is being infiltrated and ruined by political agendas and your forced to remain silent about it . Basically our favorite topics are full of land mines now and I'm not sure what this new mod squad is looking for.
  8. Dammit he's not playing Rise of Skywalker. It's the first time he's not playing selections from his most recent SW film
  9. Somehow i missed this thread .Happy to hear a new Williams celebratory piece and I loved it instantly. This is my favorite kind of Williams piece. It does have a Galaxy's Edge feel to it.
  10. I already collected all the c.d.'s with "unique" Williams recordings so this set is useless to me
  11. hey how did this slip under our radar. I really wan to hear this I really hope he re-worked The Rise of Skywalker, not because the OST version isn't great, but I would like to hear any modified/re-worked version since it's such a great track. On the OST there's minor differences between the track proper and the passages in the End Credits which I slightly prefer.
  12. yeah soccer , I think the version that was shared was from a TIVO recording and ok but not great quality .I love that kick ass new ending.You posted a little clip of it earlier "Basketball" has higher quality files on YouTube also Prime Time Tease with a cool variation of the secondary march the end
  13. If you've been collecting Williams olympic music for years, the only pieces not available in good quality to date are the original Olympic Fanfare and Theme Bumpers. And one Summon the Heroes alternate (with new extended ending)I'd like to have in better quality. And there's also a super cool Williams arranged version of Burgler's Dream only heard in the Athens promo video not that much Might as well post this one in case people missed it
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