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  1. I think we''ll be bumping this thread every 2 years until every one on this forum is dead
  2. So this isn't just a recording of a LP playing with cracks and pops like the old c.d.? Music wise I find this score unlistenable except for 2 tracks , I might order it with Always at SAE
  3. Cool.Didn't see the thread until now I hope there's enough unreleased music and alternate to make it interesting
  4. Absolutely not .i wish I had the jewel case version instead of the slipcases that scratch the c.d.'s
  5. he has a dark side motif that appears several times but only in the unreleased music
  6. Since the LLL CE3K release my appreciation went waaaay up and I listen to it a lot. I think it's better than Jaws now
  7. if we get these complete TFA recordings one day it was worth upsetting JW
  8. it's good but I never thought it it as one of the best SW themes
  9. I dunno, we've been in this situation a dozen times where a new Indiana Jones film is "imminent" only to be delayed several years
  10. wait the movie is not released in 2022 but only starts production then and they haven't written the story yet?
  11. I had to double check it wasn't an april 1st post I missed. Anyways this is amazing news, I never expected Williams to do it with Spielberg dropping out. I just hope he doesn't pull out to score a Spielberg historical drama that will invariably come out at the same time
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