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  1. For the first I voted Rare Breed because the re-recording has great music and the second Conrak has only 1 cue released Unless the find stereo masters for Family Plot
  2. Again ,it comes down which has the most unreleased music we don't have a good sounding bootleg to Born on the Fourth of July and Patriot Spacecamp has that spacelab docking fanfare we don't have but is it missing anything else?
  3. Tintin probably has the most potential for interesting unreleased/alternate material. I always felt this is a score I'll probably enjoy a lot more in complete form than the OST we have Last Crusade is missing the most music from the current Indy expanded editions Next would be BFG, maybe there's enough unreleased stuff to make the score more interesting. I like it more now than I used to. It's like a "lite" HP score Semi interested : Always, Amistad . Don't remember how much unreleased music there is. Waste of expansion :The Post , Munich, Linco
  4. Playing Ashen. It's like Dark Souls Lite. I always like these type of games but after Sekiro it seems a lot easier. I also keep playing Genshin Impact doing the daily tasks and upgrading my party until they add the new region at the end of December. I'm still having fun with it.
  5. Galaxy's Edge proves Williams is still at the top of his Fanfare writing abilities so I have big hopes for these new ones
  6. Ever since Kenny Baker died I kept mixing him up with Peter Mayhew and David Prowse not remembering which one was dead .Maybe it's all the reports over the years they were all in very ill or random pictures of them looking like they're at death's door. Now they're all dead. And I even thought Frank Oz was dead too until he popped up in TLJ Anthony Daniels looks in good health though, probably because of the lifelong motivation to fit in his costume
  7. I have the same problem, I can only decipher 10% of lyrics in songs ., so most of them have no meaning for me Happy I'm not alone. And I sometimes have trouble deciphering dialogue in movies, especially big special effects movies with loud sound effects and RCP music where the actors explain plot twists during action scenes or the scenes are cut very fast ADD style. " National Treasure" or "Sherlock Holmes" would be prototypes of this type of film and I lose the sequence of events in the film. In older movies this happens less because of the slower pace and the scene
  8. I extended my PS+ membership another year with the Black Friday sale.
  9. John Williams and Jay Z should never be mentioned in the same sentence!
  10. RIP to the actor portraying my favorite movie character ever. But James Earl Jones is even more important to the character I think But I thought he died years ago like that guy who played chewy
  11. I hope it's more of a "Liberty fanfare" style type of piece than something like President's Own
  12. maybe I'll find this at Maison de la Presse Internationale here
  13. ok i got Trials of Mana PS4 for 30$
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