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  1. Yeah but at least it's 'official" he wrote the entirety of the score. In the case of CoS he ended up writing all the new music and was too humble to take the credit for it , leading some people to still believe the early press conference saying he'd only write 40 minutes. Maybe when Spielberg quit Indy 5 he wasn't sure what to do for a while
  2. Well, if your able see it in a more detached ,analytical way, and still enjoy the movie, I guess at the end of the day you don't really care that stuff is in there and just acknowledge it. But if some of these things start offending you on a personal level to the point of making you feel uncomfortable, that probably makes the movie much less enjoyable. KotC is a pretty shit movie, but for many more reasons than the supposed racist undertones. I guess we can agree on that.
  3. Whatever, watching movies and playing video games with this mindset doesn't sound like fun.
  4. I always saw the ToD supper scene as people from a different culture who eat things we're not accustomed to and might appear gross to us, and that's what made the scene funny. Not sure what's racist about it. But It appears you have a much broader definition of what racism is than I do.
  5. Sounds like a typical social justice warrior comment (who are experts at finding something "problematic" with almost every movie ever made). And Temple of Doom was one of the best movie theatrical experiences in my life. I kind of feel bad for people who can't enjoy these movies for what they are because they're too obsessed in finding racism, sexism or something phobic in everything.
  6. I didn't read the whole thread so sorry if this has been asked ' Is track 1 (theme from sabrina) and track 35 (Reprise) the same recording? If so why is it there? The score presentation on disk 1 is quite an improvement over the OST with lots of interesting previously unreleased music I might move the In the Moonlight variations on disk 2 at the end of Disk 1
  7. Where did you pull that one out of? In 2 years of following this I never read anything about Williams writing the themes and letting his 'team" do the rest of the score like a Solo situation . It's pretty clear it was always Williams doing the whole thing. Not sure why your bringing this up so people start thinking it's like CoS and speculate some action cues are written by William Ross
  8. Alright,read the 3 pages and to summarise the movie is mediocre but JW's score is great and mixed loud. Sounds good enough to me.
  9. yeah I could hear the music pretty well...but yet not as loud as I'd like it to be This cue sounded a bit generic though
  10. does it make a difference with headphones? Does it still work if you convert the files to MP3? I wonder how "The Dark Side Beckons will sound in Atmos....oh wait...
  11. So it's what i predicted. 1 hour of Party Sequence music . (I always skip that part on the OST and can't remember if I ever fully listened to it)
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