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  1. If you leave out the Star Wars and Indy scores , Amistad was probably one of the top 3 picks for an expansion (the other 2 being Tintin and Patriot)
  2. Take down the Patriarchy! We'll fix that sexist best movie list for you.
  3. I will boycott this movie because actors wearing a blue face is offensive and hurtful to the smurf community. It's also racist because they all have blue skin. Isn't there different skin colors of Na'vi on that planet that should have been included and represented? Furthermore I find it regrettable they didn't they take this opportunity to make the male Na'vi pregnant instead of the female. K.M. Ahead of the woke mob.
  4. It's about time they updated this title and got rid of that Citizen Kane piece of trash directed my a male director. Single mom victim of sexism in every instance of her daily life...sounds like the appropriate 2022 choice to me (cynical post)
  5. Finally an expansion with lots of unreleased music .I'm not familiar at all with the unreleased cues so this should be good. I'll order it with Presumed Innocent, which I don't really like. This has got to be the most boring Williams score of all times and the expansion didn't provide any noteworthy cues
  6. I think that's more of a general trademark of Williams music .He litteraly re-writes the story in music, where most other composers just write music to fit the general mood. I voted for Rise of Skywalker for the score. The track of that name is one of his best of all times
  7. oh no, so the tornado chase is unreleased?
  8. Thanks, but I was just joking about the hearing loss. Fully recovered now...vaccines probably helped From what I'm getting this movie is based on Steven Spielberg's childhood right? I was expecting more of a "sense of wonder" score instead of the melancholic stepmom vibe.
  9. I think I'll edit out the last section of The Journey Begins and call it "theme from Fablemen". Or delete the Haydn part. there's silences between so it should be easy.
  10. Sounds a bit like an Alexandre Desplat score for this type of film
  11. I don't find it memorable either. I didn't put any tracks on repeat listening.
  12. Covid update: Day1: Fever (up to 38.5) , nasal congestion, chest congestion and dry cough (painful after a while) Day2: Same but no fever (but was taking Tylenols) Day3 (today): All symptoms completely vanished during the day. Had 4 doses of the vaccine. If I'm fine tomorrow I put my old avatar back.
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