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  1. Just goes to show if you stick to strictly legal ways of listening to it you got screwed as usual. And it means no iso score for TROS
  2. dammit, one of THOSE boss fights .Took 4 hours to beat this guy....couldn't get pass the second phase
  3. I think I looked for stereo mixes in the Blu ray options and it wasn't in English or something like that
  4. when JW conductls live it never sounds as good as his OST recordings
  5. Surge 2 is pretty cool It plays like Dark Souls but there's areas where NPC's have dialogue and give sidequests so that's more like a traditional RPG. The city is like a maze and it takes a while to know your way around
  6. yeah I noticed in all the clips we saw on Youtube the music is better mixed than the theater
  7. I'd have to see the scene agan, but I remember there was plenty of opportunities for the themes to be less restrained
  8. I dunno, that's not even a theme It's at 7.23 I expect a "Flying Theme" version of Sophie's theme but it kind of just dies
  9. Alright , finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Good game but the core mechanics felt like a mixture of Far Cry, Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin's Creed. These maps full of icons and collectibles are starting to feel familiar. I liked solving the tomb puzzles the best and that's what sets it apart. I'l try to do the 2 previous ones to see what happened before in the story. Alright next up is The Surge 2, a scifi souls like game .First one was pretty good.
  10. I dunno , my main problem with BFG is Williams teases the themes but never delivers a full on rendition
  11. So Nathan Drake is basically a male version of Lara Croft?
  12. Can that still be called Political correctness or this "woke" thing is way beyond that? I wasn't familiar with the term until today
  13. the free ones on PS+ must be remasters though
  14. Bottom line, This article is damaging to John Williams and will be read by a fair amount of people since it's a high profile publication
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