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  1. Well, I'd say no but Spielberg+Aliens=John Williams I think it depends on JW's health
  2. what I want is a good recording of the Children's Suite version with the alternate bombastic ending.
  3. I think it's been established the orchestrator doesn't really matter much in Williams case. I think the Superman re-recording album was made from his hand written sketches alone so they're pretty much complete already
  4. Williams_Fan_Theme.mp3 Someone made this mock up years ago. I apologise if I wasn't allowed to post it or something. It's actually a pretty cool theme. That's great! You might live long enough to hear the Expanded Star Wars Prequel scores.
  5. that's great. I love that little segment and is my favorite unreleased bit of RotS. It really feels like an "ancient sith theme" and Wiliams should have developped it further.
  6. Boring release. Almost identical program and tracks that's been released in the last few albums from what I remember. If at least there was something we wanted like TROS suite
  7. You can see it that way too. But I see it as more ironic. I've said in the past I'm firmly against nominations or letting people win on the basis that they check a diversity box, but in this case Greta Gerwig absolutely deserved a nomination based on merit, and for some reason it didn't happen. I think Jimmy Kimmel pointed that out.
  8. I'm sure he wasn't there this year. I came back from watching the show at some friends. I also watched Oppenheimer just before the ceremony (which I thought was good but far from a masterpiece) Disappointed JW didn't win as usual as it was probably his last chance. We will never experience a JW Oscar win in the JWfan era now. The ceremony was a step in the right direction. They toned down the political correctness by a lot and even had fun moments added . But for years they complain that women directors aren't nominated, then this year a woman directs the most popular movie of the year that gains multiple awards nominations...and she didn't get a nomination! '
  9. I don't think Williams was there this year. First time he misses the Oscars. I hope he's ok.
  10. I just came back from the multiverse posting in the John Nagle message board where he scored Lord of the Rings and Star Trek
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