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  1. I don;t need to reevaluate it The OST was disappointing missing so many highlights The Recording Sessions reveal it's and excellent score on par with Last Crusade at least
  2. wait wasn't it proven that JW's music is racist by the Washingon post ? It's improper for him to use "color" in his scores
  3. Well it does feel like the old days where everything was censored because of religion, but for opposite reasons now. The end result it the same.
  4. All that's going to be left of culture is bland shit reviewed by multiple comities to make sure it doesn't offend anyone. And with multiple elements forced in that doesn't reflect the artist's/author's vision.
  5. I forgot to watch the Golden Globes. I think companies should stop capitulating to Cancel Culture internet groups .I'll only alienate the majority of people who were somewhat sympathetic to "social justice" causes before they started going bat shit crazy. I know they totally lost me. And you can't even disagree with these people because they'll try to destroy you too. I don't care about Dr Seus but I'm sure some people are huge fans and how crushing it must be for them . Imagine if they went after JW nobody would care but we'd be gutted. Sooner or later s
  6. I have 5 years stacked from the Black Friday specials
  7. WHAT THE F**K Final Fantasy VII Remake FREE on PS+ this month! And Remnant from the Ashes another game I wanted I was literally installing the FFVII Remake physical disk edition I borrowed at the library when I saw it. I hope I don't have to re-download from PSN it to play it without the disk after it finishes installing from disk. Edit :no ,I have to delete the game and re-download it from PSN if I want to play it disk free .Damn that's so stupid. 85GB that's almost my monthly broad band limit
  8. I dunno but they better release the complete Star Wars recordings before something surfaces and Disney cancels it forever oh dear, I just self inflicted myself with a new worry
  9. The Williams ones are obvious so I won't list them These are the main ones that really stood out over the years: The Black Hole-John Barry Poltergeist -Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek TMP-Jerry Goldsmith Cocoon-James Horner Star Trek 2-James Horner Krull-James Horner Clash of the Titans (Rosenthal) Stargate-David Arnold Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow-Edward Shearmur Tomorrowland-Michael Giacchino Pan's Labyrinth-Javier Navarrete Scores probably on other people's list I find very overated: LotR,Hobbit Cona
  10. I played Shadow but not Rise (which I own )
  11. unfortunately the Williams conducted cues have horrible sound quality.And I think I prefer the performances on the re-recordings
  12. I knew about it. It's amazing There's also a THIRD version of Summon the Heroes with kick ass new ending but haven't found it on YouTube yet
  13. I would have bought it if it had the Williams only program of the Vinyl set and not all those other c.d.'s by other composers Still hope it can happen one day. For now I have the relevant tracks my alternate means
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