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  1. Over the years I've come to appreciate these compilations with odd performances. They offer something different than the classic concert versions. I like this c.d. especially Jaws 2 performance. Of course the "worst" have to be Orlando Pops c.d.'s with Andrew Lane but even that has a few useful tracks like orchestral When Your Alone
  2. yeah I'd buy a box set with the Williams stuff only
  3. I listnened to the MP3 stream .Fantastic concert and performances. Is this recorded and released by DG again?
  4. Saw it last night. The ending was absolutely terrible. Either they went for cheap sentiment as some sort of homage to Daniel Craig leaving (a la Iron Man) or more likely, they killed off the Bond character as we know him because a straight British middle-aged womanizing guy can't exist in the post #metoo era. that would be the worst option . I think that was the intention but there was already massive backlash and they probably re-shot parts of the movie in the 2 years it was delayed so they left it more ambiguous.
  5. I'll never feel a shred of guilt for including some bootlegged material in my collection.
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