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  1. I like KotCS much more than TFA KOTCS OST is bad but complete score great TFA OST is a good representation but it's the most boring Star Wars score and the unreleased music doesn't add much
  2. I'm sure but it's not f2p, the base game is 40$. I paid 20$ on a PSN sale. I read you don't have to purchase anything to complete the game. Only inventory storage space is useful but you can get it in the game too. i just want to play it for a while to add a MMORPG experience to my gaming resume. I payed Monster Hunter World but I'm not sure it counts
  3. or somekind of state funeral with all the world leaders attending
  4. For me it would be him getting an Oscar for his last Star Wars score and getting a huge ovation
  5. it's amazing we have heard little to no confirmable score snippets or major themes 3 weeks from release
  6. Finished Code Vein. Love Souls-like games and always a highlight of the year. Environments weren't as awe inspiring as a true Dark Souls but exploration and combat was still cool. Also it had an interesting JRPG anime style story like the God Eater serie (same developers) Code Vein= Dark Souls inspired God Eater= Monster Hunter inspired Now I can play that MMORPG Black Desert. I was just logging in for daily rewards and already have a ton of in-game money and equipment without doing anything
  7. I've never been a huge fan of DotF. I always feel like skipping it
  8. Prequel box set should be a main objective of all JWfans so I'd pick that so many hours spent doing fan edits that aren't fully satisfying in the end, even though we have most of the music in decent qualilty . And Gigabytes of videogame rips sitting around uselessly on my hard drives. I can't wait for the day where I can delete all of that clutter. I'd even pick a pristine sessions leak of the Prequels over TROS (which we know we'll be complaining about the unreleased music 1 day after the album release)
  9. Wouldn't have MM found those chorus recordings ? It's possible it's Williams .After all he did the YubNub and Augie's .
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