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  1. Very sad. Not in my top 10 composers personally but I enjoy some of his works I heard this on TV. My heart skipped a beat because they started with something like "Famous film composer..." and for a split second I thought they'd say JW.
  2. Finished Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. 140 hours over 3 months ( I wasn't in my gaming groove and didn't play more than few hours at a time). I liked this game more than FF XV even though the structure was similar and graphics more dated. Most of the time played is the sidequests, optional hunts and grinding to make craft weapons. But the "secret" stuff is way too hard (and nearly impossible) to figure out by yourself. It was made in the days where they expected you to buy a guide. It's too bad because if you don't google anything you'd miss about half the contents. There's supposed to be an ultimate boss somewhere but I gave up. Now I'm starting Dragon Quest Builders 2. I liked the first one quite a bit.
  3. I see. I wish him good fortune I finally have a shot at beating his post count. Thought I'm still pretty far behind. But I must be the most consistent JWfan member ever .Always been here since the beginning, with the same (mostly) avartar and screen name. K.M. sure his JW obsession and posting here for 20+ years isn't normal either but doesn't want to find out
  4. I can see there's a troll in the comments saying he steals from classical composers wait, is it double embossed? Was listening again to the video of the concert and those are some top notch performances with stellar sound. Even JP played faster sounds amazing here. I did hear a slight flub in the SW main titles
  5. It was very interesting about Beethoven's Pastoral (6th) symphony .That first movement is my favorite classical music piece of all time and I discovered it when I was a kid BEFORE I listened to film music. He also calls it the only Beethoven piece of "programmatic" music , which is sort of like film music. So that might be the original piece that destined me to like film music and John Williams. I also think Theme from Jurassic Park might have been inspired by it. WHAT? Now I'm really curious to know what he said.
  6. did he ever play A Toast? I should have edited my post!
  7. New Fanfare !!! (forever unreleased) it's for the Vienna Ball so it has to work on this one a lot and make it his best fanfare. And he has to best that Strauss guy
  8. I also deleted all my Star Wars scores, because JW uses stereotype middle eastern and asian melodies and instrumentation for villains, proving is is in fact a racist. Also there's no black actor* and only 3 women in the Original Trilogy (mon mothma, Leia and Ion cannon girl). Not to mention all those people dressed up as aliens, if they existed they'd be offended. And Porkins is offensive to fat people. And also Temple of Doom. Because I have a feeling it's also a potentially racist movie, somehow. *except James Earl Jones, who voices Darth Vader who's supposed to be white but they used a black actor to make him sound more evil so there's kind of a reverse black face thing going on
  9. In light of JKR's views on Trans people, i'm going to throw my HP box in the garbage and delete all my c.d. rips. I can't in good conscience listen to this music ever again.
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