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  1. well, of course it's gonna be demasters not the Sony ones
  2. Well, just looking at the spectral wave of Rey Trains, the version ripped from the Blu Ray is better than the one that was taken from the online release
  3. well, why did they pull it from the streaming version if they just slap it on the blu ray with no afterthoughts? It means they don't give a shit and we shouldn't see it as a sign c.d.'s are in the work. The only hope for TROS is a sessions leak now
  4. Wait the iso score will be on TLJ bluray disk itself? Doesn't that mean we can rip a better quality version than the streaming one?
  5. It' s sad that the only salvagable bit of unreleased music from the whole TROS Home Video/BluRay releases is the partial cue of Rey Trains. No iso score. nothing else. Lando Arrives would have made a great menu cue somewhere but no They don't seem to use Williams music in games anymore so were stuck with what we have for a looooong time.
  6. Yeah he's not "officially" retired, but he has no scoring plans either .Especially with Spielberg dropping out of Indy 5
  7. Should update the title with Vinyl OST 2 c.d.
  8. Maybe they're just doing ANH...and that's it.
  9. Hmm then again JW might have insisted MM have a part in this
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