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  1. :oops: and it's real! None of that fake stuff!
  2. You know, I was wondering. . . hmmmm, I wonder if any colleges out there have a John Williams Orchestration style class. I know at some colleges they have things like "Sinatra Phrasing" and "Mancini Orchestration". I wonder if people actually teach classes on the style of John Williams. If there is. . .I bet it will inspire someone taking it now to follow in his footsteps and become a great composer. Then people will talk about how much his work is influenced by the works of JW!
  3. We're all a bunch of hardcore criminals here!!!
  4. I'm a little upset that someone doesn't want us to be able to express our opinions here!!!!!!
  5. oh yes!!!! a flying car score too!
  6. I personally can't wait for the movie to open!
  7. well then, possibly a new chamber theme
  8. What themes do you think he should incorporate? I mean what aspects of book two would you like to see him compose for? I think I'd like to see a parseltoungue theme, aragog too.
  9. i don't know what it is about cello. When I studied it in string methods in college I really liked playing it. Almost every pianist I talk to says the same thing too: If they had to do it over again, they'd pick cello.
  10. well, being a piano player I'm quite attached to playing JW music on it. . .BUT if I had to do my life all over again, I'd have played cello
  11. Hey! It's not me! You guys here leave everything wide open for the taking!!!!!!! (get it!0 about the french horns. . . oooooooo they make me get goosebumps! ESPECIALLY Grainger's writing for them!
  12. I wonder how many "inches". . . . :oops: :twisted: the cymbals are across!
  13. Even though I really love all his writing, (And i do think that most scores for some reason "sound" like John Williams), I think his brass writing takes the cake! It makes me want to crank up the volume on my cd player! HEAVY METAL!!!!! Now don't get me wrong, I don't think all his music sounds the same, I just think there is something about his writing, his doubling perhaps that makes his music HIS! The strings, percussion, and vocal writing comes in a tie in second!!!!
  14. When my second graders study JW they will be performing somewhere in my mem'ry for their christmas concert.
  15. sorry, you know what I mean. . .I'm still thinking Harry Potter.
  16. what about a title that sums up Anakin's movement into Star Wars (DV)? The Dark Side or something
  17. I'm sure that JW thought long and hard about how to compose the themes for ATOC. Probably everything he places in these prequels will somehow merge itself into the originals. I can't wait to hear Ep. III!
  18. now now, we american can stand for some room here. we can't always have everything our way.... this isnt' burger king
  19. really now, that's a shame to society!
  20. what's wrong with my hello kitty wizard avatar???? :cry: I couldn't link to it so I just used my Harry Potter one. Harry, what do you mean . . did you want mine? Yes, I feel like I have had nothing but problems but hey I finally signed up and here I am!!!! YEAH! Nothing in my life is easy - but isn't that supposed to build character!!???!!!
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