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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I know its kind of late for this, but after some time of listening long hours to the scores of 2011, I've finally completed my award lists for the year. And here they are: http://musicmusekk.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/music-muse-awards-2011/ Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a new score or two in there, but thats pretty much my thoughts of 2011! How would you guys fill up the categories? Categories include the following: 1) Top 10 Scores of the Year 2) Composer of the Year 3) Surprises of the Year 4) Themes of the Year 5) Disappointments of the Year 6) Cues of the Year I left out worst scores category (lack of time), but I could easily fill that one up too if it was really asked. - KK
  2. All the Oscar experts predict that both War Horse and Tintin will easily be nominated for the Academy Awards and that War Horse will win. I however happen to think that Tintin is the better score and would be more deserving of a win than War Horse. Does anybody share my view? Will it be bittersweet to see Williams win for War Horse instead of Tintin (which I think is a magnificent score)? Also it is very likely that The Artist will defeat both and walk away the Oscar. That would be too bad. Having seen The Artist, I can say that the score is functional and film-serving but not a great piece of composition, certainly doesn't have the virtuosity at display in large passages of Tintin.
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