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Found 2 results

  1. So there I was going through some old Goldenthal film sessions. I was browsing through Titus and low and behold I heard something which sounded eerily familiar. I couldn't quite place it. It took me a solid twenty minutes listening to this one short section of Goldenthal's work on repeat, and then it hit me. It was used.. perhaps even copied and pasted, into the track "Mantis" composed by Neil Davidge for Halo 4! Here is a spectrogram comparison between [6M58] Titus Summons Kinsman (Elliot Goldenthal, 1999 -- Top 2) and Mantis (Neil Davidge, 2012 -- Bottom 2) And here is a short 5 second audio comparison: 6M58 (1999) https://db.tt/KVZYzs7e Mantis (2012) https://db.tt/noMCkYiF Thoughts about this?
  2. The end of the year is almost upon us (less than two weeks now) and no more major releases planned (except maybe for Jack Reacher). I wonder what are your favourite scores? I propose to divide it into several categories TOP 5 new film scores (by which I mean all the scores released for this years' films) TOP 5 film score re-releases (all the specialty labels' stuff; a favourite category for many, I'm sure) Other music (games, TV etc.) (if you want share something worthwhile written for small or computer screen) Personal highlight of the year. (your single best film music related memory, can be an album, concert, whatever) Disappointment of the year (same as above, but inverted) You don't have to post 5 scores. If you just liked one then say so. I just want to know what you liked. The order doesn't matter, unless you want it to. Any other comments (honorary mentions, industry trends, whatever you feel like to add) also welcome. Karol
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