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  1. Not sure where to throw this but I made a synth mockup of the unreleased "padme's funeral" cue because I didn't like the DVD rip of it. I wouldn't say it's any better or worse, but it is SFX free. I am not trying to advertise myself or anything, just wanted to share this beautiful cue with you all.
  2. Kung Fu Panda 2: 2m19A Tigress & Po Spar (Part 1) was temped with this. Two versions of 2m19A were recorded but the temp track ended up in the film anyways (first 20 seconds, microedited) as a source cue in place of 2m19A. I made mockups of both versions for reference but wasn't sure if it was okay to attach them.
  3. I used my own Blu-Ray for extracting the film audio. The FYC audio is available on the universal website and the OST is.. well the OST
  4. What is it missing? Some have been put together for the sake of editing/flow. If you were to compare it to the blu ray audio.. it's all there.. that's how I made it..
  5. Hello! I know it's been quite a while since my last post, so I thought I'd share a little about what I've been working on! With the release of the 2019 For Your Consideration scores over the last month, I knew it was time to get back into making custom complete score edits using them! Luckily, the the latest one I worked on had a lot of new material and insight to offer. Until I can get my hands on the actual disk (assuming it's lossless), I'd like to share my own custom edit of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World which combines thee OST, FYC, and the Blu-Ray Audio for the best quality experience (The FYC is 128 AAC), and thanks to Powell's photos on Instagram, not only do we have a complete list of cue numbers/slates, we also have partial titles throughout that helped with piecing this album together. (1m02ab Busy Busy Berk, 3m12b Romance in the Clouds, 4m16b The Hidden World, and 5m24b Finale. The rest is educated guestimation and most likely not at all correct.) I followed along with the film audio so as to not miss anything, which helped greatly in matching slates to cues, and ignored 1 to 3 second OST microedits which didn't really take away from the cue itself. I've wrapped it all up in Google sheets for anyone who wants to follow along and make their own! Any comments or critiques are welcome. (Please note that all of the slates except for the 4 listed are probably not matched with the right cues) The tracklist I made just from the OST, FYC and Blu-Ray audio comes out to be as follows:
  6. Thanks, but unfortunately for now, it seems the link has expired, so you'll have to create a new one.
  7. I seem to have been removed from the discord. My username is the same here as it is there, just because I'm not as active here anymore, I'd still like to be a part of it..
  8. Alexandre Desplat - Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Source: Complete Score Not sure if it's legitimate. Can someone confirm? ADES.ZD30_1m5 2TFoldown Mix.01 ADES.ZD30_2m10 2TFoldown Mix.02 ADES.ZD30_2m11 2TFoldown Mix.03 ADES.ZD30_2m13 2TFoldown Mix.04 ADES.ZD30_3m14 2TFoldown Mix.27 ADES.ZD30_3m15 2TFoldown Mix.05 ADES.ZD30_3m18 2TFoldown Mix.10 ADES.ZD30_3m20 2TFoldown Mix.06 ADES.ZD30_3m21 2TFoldown Mix.07 ADES.ZD30_4m24_25 2TFoldown Mix.08 ADES.ZD30_4m27 2TFoldown Mix.11 ADES.ZD30_4m29 2TFoldown Mix.28 ADES.ZD30_5m34 2TFoldown Mix.09 ADES.ZD30_5m36 2TFoldown Mix.12 ADES.ZD30_5m38 2TFoldown Mix.13 ADES.ZD30_5m41 2TFoldown Mix.14 ADES.ZD30_5m42 2TFoldown Mix.15 ADES.ZD30_5m43 2TFoldown Mix.29 ADES.ZD30_6m46 2TFoldown Mix.16 ADES.ZD30_6m48 2TFoldown Mix.17 ADES.ZD30_6m49 2TFoldown Mix.19 ADES.ZD30_6m50 2TFoldown Mix.20 ADES.ZD30_6m52 2TFoldown Mix.21 ADES.ZD30_7m53 2TFoldown Mix.22 ADES.ZD30_8m62 2TFoldown Mix.23 ADES.ZD30_8m64 2TFoldown Mix.24 ADES.ZD30_8m65 2TFoldown Mix.25 ADES.ZD30_9m63 2TFoldown Mix.26
  9. I think I should post more. I'll start here. Been rehashing some old Graeme Revell work. Notably Chronicles of Riddick, my favourite of his. Currently "M38" A.K.A. the theme for the Prison Escape scene of the film.
  10. I agree with that much. In fact, just from the samples Marty has put out for his new game, I can alrady tell the score is probably going to be great. And that's also probably why they didn't have Davidge return for Halo 5. Too much money for something that wasn't really working. Kazouma took Halo 5 in a nice direction I feel, given the material he had to work with.. No it isn't.
  11. I do not beleive he did. I could not find the due credit noted anywhere. Not from the composer, in the game, or elsewhere. The reprise for the Mantis theme for Halo 5, composed by Kazouma Jinnouchi also included the riff from Titus. With no credit added.
  12. So there I was going through some old Goldenthal film sessions. I was browsing through Titus and low and behold I heard something which sounded eerily familiar. I couldn't quite place it. It took me a solid twenty minutes listening to this one short section of Goldenthal's work on repeat, and then it hit me. It was used.. perhaps even copied and pasted, into the track "Mantis" composed by Neil Davidge for Halo 4! Here is a spectrogram comparison between [6M58] Titus Summons Kinsman (Elliot Goldenthal, 1999 -- Top 2) and Mantis (Neil Davidge, 2012 -- Bottom 2) And here is a short 5 second audio comparison: 6M58 (1999) https://db.tt/KVZYzs7e Mantis (2012) https://db.tt/noMCkYiF Thoughts about this?
  13. There will never be enough Star Wars music until it is all released unedited and in its original form and complete.
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