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  1. Repeating the odd transition here and there was the only way to incorporate all the material without artificially truncating or editing the compositions. In the case of ROTK, the approach was to return to the original chronology of the score for the most part, presenting the most complete versions of each composition. Frodo's Song was never recorded in its entirety. The take heard on the Rarities is incomplete.
  2. The mostly accurate leaks on Reddit suggest that the opening scenes were in a different order (e.g. the 'Last Order' fleet appearing *before* Kylo meets Palpatine) with additional footage (with Pryde and Hux, more of Kylo slaughtering natives). I'm curious to know if Williams scored any of the deleted 'Oracle' footage.
  3. It appears in a scene with Zorii Bliss and Poe at Kimiji. Nothing referential as far as I remember. There are a couple of traces of prequel temp love elsewhere.
  4. There's some development of this in the end credits (before the Imperial March kicks in).
  5. First thoughts: Rey's Theme is much more prominent in the film than it is on the album Many orchestral variations on Palpatine's Theme in the first half of the film The 'rising/falling' motif is initially associated with the Sith Wayfinder, but becomes more broadly associated with the search for Exegol The Speeder Chase seems to have been partially revised and partially dialled out Williams' cameo is fun (and the source music in that scene is called 'Oma's Place') The Knights of Ren (woefully underused in the film) have some wild staccato brass writing More later when my brain starts working again.
  6. Have a read of Chris Malone's fantastic article - http://www.malonedigital.com/starwars.htm
  7. There's a new interview in FSM Online this month - https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/fsmonline/main.cfm?issueID=179&refresh It mostly covers The Song of Names but there are some other tidbits: Shore has already finished recording The Last Prince for Michel Hazanavicius. The film will be out in February. The guitar concerto (The Forest) has been recorded and will be released next year.
  8. Definitely Bill Ross' notation there - a snippet from The Mummy Returns for comparison...
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