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  1. And the cuts are all notated in the score. It's possible (though unlikely) that some of it may have been rehearsed and recorded.
  2. The rears are primarily orchestral ambience, but there is some discrete synth placement. Chorus has a particularly enveloping quality too.
  3. As I said above, Varese could have presented the original 24/48 5.1 PCM audio on a blu-ray audio disc. Releasing it on SACD necessitates transcoding to DSD.
  4. I have! The rears are very active throughout, creating a highly immersive and detailed soundstage with a LOT of bass. It sounds great for the most part. The mastering is a little odd on the quieter cues - Through The Surveillance Monitor for example - they sound *much* too loud in some cases and room noise is clearly audible. I question the wisdom of releasing this as an SACD rather than a Blu-ray audio. In my view it would have made more sense to present the 24/48 5.1 PCM audio on BR audio.
  5. I have no idea if these slate numbers are correct, but they came up on freedb when I ripped the disc. Disc One: 1. Paycheck: Main Title From The Motion Picture (3:29) 1m2 2. A Kiss Of Flexible Morality (1:10) 1m4 3. Memory Wipe (0:54) 1m5 4. A Good Life (1:05) 1m6 5. Party Of Two (0:32) 1m7 6. Portents Of Crystal Balls (2:11) 1m10 7. Injection (0:32) 2m11 8. A Second Chance (1:54) 2m13 9. You’re Done (1:16) 2m14 10. Freeze Frames (1:59) 2m15 11. Hot Seat (7:39) 2m16 12. The Ring (0:42) 2m17 13. That’s You (0:31) 3m18 14. Twenty Items (5:39) 3m19-21 15.
  6. A little 20 year retrospective podcast for anyone interested... https://leadingtone.podbean.com/e/ai-artificial-intelligence/
  7. I believe the comments from Neil S. Bulk on the FSM thread; the question is, who is 'harryfrishberg'?
  8. Falstaft beat me to it with the link to the fifteen year old thread, so here's a contemporaneous one from FSM (with classic Ford Thaxton): https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=42799&archive=0
  9. Same here! I'm assuming that they're having some sort of site issue - according to the album page it's still 'in stock'.
  10. At least three - Neumation Music Omni Music Publishing Chris Siddall Music
  11. The Academy has Goldsmith's sketches - http://collections.new.oscars.org/Details/Archive/71302978
  12. At one point during the ROTK sessions, Pete Cobbin slated 'take one million seven thousand six hundred and ninety one'. There was a lot of attention to detail!
  13. The takes from the 18th are the ones used (38/39/44). Exactly right! The film uses takes 9 and 11 of Balin's Tomb. As an aside, if we include the EE material there are over 1700 recorded takes for Fellowship alone.
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