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  1. If you're stuck choosing a track from The Fly, go for the The Finale!
  2. He's made a career of being a contrarian wankspangle. Pay it no mind.
  3. The original album (LSO re-recording, engineered by Eric Tomlinson) sounds amazing, with tremendously wide dynamic range. If part of the new release I sincerely hope they don't screw up the mastering.
  4. Tan Dun was rumoured to be involved at one point too. I wonder if they've approached Williams yet?
  5. One of Shore's compositions did sneak out in China a while ago - http://www.hans-zimmer.com/index.php?rub=disco&id=1702 That release also includes contributions from a whole load of other composers! There's also another album, released internationally: https://open.spotify.com/album/1G6AKEjswii05LYbwJbGmK?si=0E8gmXa0R_u0KaJJT8Zy4w
  6. Shore's score for After Hours is on his Collector's Edition Volume 1 album: https://howerecords.com/collectors-edition-vol-1/#.Xz1E4ZNKgW8 I think a Criterion blu-ray of the film is forthcoming.
  7. He was at the sessions. Check out the video earlier in this thread! They're fun - almost an Oriental twist on Middle-earth. A little reminiscent of Chris Young's Monkey King scores in terms of orchestration and instrumentation. I'm hoping that they hire Shore to write more music!
  8. For slate/reel/part number fans, the two compositions are shown in the session video as: HK1 King's Valley 1210 HK2 Chang An City 1210 As always with Shore, the 1210 refers to the date of composition or orchestration - December 10th. Both pieces were orchestrated by John Ashton Thomas. There are some familiar faces in the session video: Conductor - Robert Ziegler Engineer - Pete Cobbin James Sizemore is also in the booth.
  9. The trumpet line in The Great River is a good example of Howard Shore recording multiple variants to give the filmmakers options in the final mix.
  10. Now available via the usual services - https://howerecords.com/honor-of-kings/#.Xzwa1ZNKgW8
  11. Jerry Goldsmith recorded The Mummy (and I think The 13th Warrior) at Air Lyndhurst too.
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