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  1. There are only three short cues missing - R4P1 Speakers Corner R9P2 After Hours R10P1 The Tube A couple of minutes at most.
  2. Almost certainly. The production was based in the UK and there would have been tax incentives.
  3. I'm still hoping that they dig the 2001 Cannes showreel out of the archives.
  4. Presumably this is cheaper for Disney, being a London (apart from the Williams bits) recording? A good way to test the market for expanded Star Wars releases without too much financial outlay. I think this tied in with Paramount's desire to have as much Trek music released as possible.
  5. If you're stuck choosing a track from The Fly, go for the The Finale!
  6. He's made a career of being a contrarian wankspangle. Pay it no mind.
  7. The original album (LSO re-recording, engineered by Eric Tomlinson) sounds amazing, with tremendously wide dynamic range. If part of the new release I sincerely hope they don't screw up the mastering.
  8. Tan Dun was rumoured to be involved at one point too. I wonder if they've approached Williams yet?
  9. One of Shore's compositions did sneak out in China a while ago - http://www.hans-zimmer.com/index.php?rub=disco&id=1702 That release also includes contributions from a whole load of other composers! There's also another album, released internationally: https://open.spotify.com/album/1G6AKEjswii05LYbwJbGmK?si=0E8gmXa0R_u0KaJJT8Zy4w
  10. Shore's score for After Hours is on his Collector's Edition Volume 1 album: https://howerecords.com/collectors-edition-vol-1/#.Xz1E4ZNKgW8 I think a Criterion blu-ray of the film is forthcoming.
  11. He was at the sessions. Check out the video earlier in this thread! They're fun - almost an Oriental twist on Middle-earth. A little reminiscent of Chris Young's Monkey King scores in terms of orchestration and instrumentation. I'm hoping that they hire Shore to write more music!
  12. For slate/reel/part number fans, the two compositions are shown in the session video as: HK1 King's Valley 1210 HK2 Chang An City 1210 As always with Shore, the 1210 refers to the date of composition or orchestration - December 10th. Both pieces were orchestrated by John Ashton Thomas. There are some familiar faces in the session video: Conductor - Robert Ziegler Engineer - Pete Cobbin James Sizemore is also in the booth.
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