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  1. Jerry Goldsmith recorded The Mummy (and I think The 13th Warrior) at Air Lyndhurst too.
  2. Our love of discussing the weather is almost as great as our hatred of AC.
  3. Shore’s Fellowship of the Ring was recording at the same time across CTS Watford, Air Lyndhurst and Abbey Road (August -November 2001). This was probably just scheduling. As for the lack of turtleneck, 2001 was a hot summer, and we Brits don’t really do AC very well!
  4. I find the pacing much better than the theatrical, although the finale drags a little. The Faramir/Boromir/Denethor flashback is a highlight.
  5. FOTR - every track except A Journey in the Dark and The Bridge of Khazadhum TTT - The Passage of the Marshes, The King of the Golden Hall, The White Rider, The Forbidden Pool, Forth Eorlingas ROTK - A Storm is Coming, Hope and Memory, The White Tree, Twilight and Shadow, Cirith Ungol, Anduril, Hope Fails, The End of All Things, Into the West
  6. This was fun! It's great to finally lift the lid on some of the Hobbit material.
  7. There is considerably less unused music in films two and three. Notable pieces include the original version of the Azanulbizar flashback from the prologue of Smaug (replaced with tracked material), and the complete Fire and Water from Five Armies (heavily edited and partially dialled out in the final film).
  8. It sounds awesome. Throw the Prometheus release in the bin.
  9. That's what happens when I don't read the entire thread!
  10. I had a chat with the venerable Neil S. Bulk about this - the mix on the Prometheus release was incorrect, with right and centre channels flopped.
  11. You've ripped the compressed 448kbps AC3 track, not the 24/48 DVD-A track.
  12. A fun conversation between Shore and Denardo Coleman here - http://www.howardshore.com/behind-the-scenes-the-music-of-naked-lunch/
  13. The Ornette Coleman material was - generally speaking - improvised by Ornette Coleman and the trio. The live to projection score doesn't notate any of this material:
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