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  1. It sounds awesome. Throw the Prometheus release in the bin.
  2. That's what happens when I don't read the entire thread!
  3. I had a chat with the venerable Neil S. Bulk about this - the mix on the Prometheus release was incorrect, with right and centre channels flopped.
  4. You've ripped the compressed 448kbps AC3 track, not the 24/48 DVD-A track.
  5. A fun conversation between Shore and Denardo Coleman here - http://www.howardshore.com/behind-the-scenes-the-music-of-naked-lunch/
  6. The Ornette Coleman material was - generally speaking - improvised by Ornette Coleman and the trio. The live to projection score doesn't notate any of this material:
  7. There is a bootleg circulating which is entirely comprised of cues from John Frizzell's Primeval.
  8. Yes! Makes for an excellent recessional. Thankfully no-one was inspired to commit seppuku.
  9. I can't argue with that one - I used it at my wedding!
  10. The Escape to India sequence is a magnificent combination of music and imagery.
  11. Yes. Shore was busy working on The Two Towers at the time (there's a quote about it at https://www.soundtrack.net/content/article/?id=111).
  12. The ordering has been juggled around a bit over the years, but the best piece is missing in my opinion.
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