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  1. The Academy has Goldsmith's sketches - http://collections.new.oscars.org/Details/Archive/71302978
  2. At one point during the ROTK sessions, Pete Cobbin slated 'take one million seven thousand six hundred and ninety one'. There was a lot of attention to detail!
  3. The takes from the 18th are the ones used (38/39/44). Exactly right! The film uses takes 9 and 11 of Balin's Tomb. As an aside, if we include the EE material there are over 1700 recorded takes for Fellowship alone.
  4. Balin's Tomb (m91) was the first piece recorded. On the CR, it can be heard from 1:13-3:01 in the track of the same name. Also recorded on this day - Gollum (m88) and Orc Attack (m93, appears immediately after Balin's Tomb in the CR track of the same name).
  5. Twenty years ago today, Howard Shore took to the podium in front of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra at Wellington Town Hall for the first Fellowship of the Ring recording session.
  6. Burtt started from scratch on Star Trek. They had an almost complete mix which was thrown out quite late in post.
  7. Elliot Goldenthal's Final Fantasy is the horniest score that comes to mind.
  8. Click bleed is quite common. It's a delicate balance - the clicks need to be loud enough for the orchestra to hear and follow, but not too loud that they can be heard in the room (and subsequently be picked up by the microphones).
  9. No comment on any supposed controversy, but here are the Gordy Haab session dates: Star Wars Battlefront - January 6th, May 4th 2015 and February 22nd, June 3rd 2016. Star Wars Battlefront II - January 30th-31st, May 3rd-4th, June 29th 2017 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - March 5th-6th & 26th 2019
  10. Fox/Disney only have distribution rights. It's still a Warner Bros. picture.
  11. The wipes were all redone optically from original negative elements in 1996/7 by Pacific Title.
  12. The recent 4K releases of the Star Wars trilogy (although the work undertaken may have been initiated for the aborted 3D version). In any case, it's a massive undertaking.
  13. Varese used to upload scans of back covers - perhaps that could resume?
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