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  1. Thank you! I've got one for Phantom Menace: And there's one on the way for Attack of the Clones... But it's not easy finding hi-res art for the later films
  2. The Signature Collection: Shadows of the Empire was made for request as a joint venture with Dave Williams from the FSM forum.
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for the logo heidl
  4. Changed the numbering to Roman numerals on these and added Chapters 6 and 7: (the rest)
  5. Took a jab at the Target Exclusives myself... UPDATED: with heidl's TROS logo
  6. Thanks man! I certainly can, and will The Mandalorian - Chapter 5:
  7. I can understand that completely, and a good idea as well Any notes before I make the final adjustments? (the other two are coming...)
  8. Do you want the Special Edition logos on them as well or the original ones?
  9. Wow, thanks @Cerebral Cortex and @The Illustrious Jerry!
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