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Found 4 results

  1. I'm surprised it hasn't leaked yet. I'm not talking about the Hal Leonard arrangements, but the actual score form the scoring sessions. Any ideas?
  2. Being that this is the first Star Wars score that will not be composed by Williams, What do people think about the decision of having Desplat do it? I never really got into him until recently, mostly "imitation game," "danish Girl," and "unbroken." The man definitely has talent but... Star Wars talent? Maybe he'll pull some great themes out of his ass but what I'v observed is that he excels in more "thoughtful" movies, ya know, the ones where the theatre is filled with a whole lot of white people sitting with their legs crossed and fingers folded on their lap. Not that that is all he does, but the music from "godzilla" or "zero dark thirty" never really stood out to me as much as the ones mentioned above. I might be completely off, but I still feel like someone along the lines of Giacchino would be a better pick? I just don't get the sense that Desplat can make a more than serviceable star wars score based on my experience with his music. Then again, i totally didn't see "The Secret Life of Pets" score coming from him, and that one's great! Thoughts?
  3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Music Composed by Michael Giacchino Original Star Wars Music by John Williams I know it's not Williams, but I still like what Giacchino did with this score. Let's take a look... He's Here For Us I was not at all disappointed not to see the traditional main title. I like how the piece opens, a hint of the piccolo like at the beginning of ANH or ESB even, and then dramatic strings and a swift entrance of the Imperial theme for this movie. A Long Ride Ahead Solid track with lots of tension and some interesting percussion. I like the brass as the death troopers storm the house. I'm not sure if it's a recurring idea but it fits well. Jyn's theme is also present very softly. The Hope theme blasts over the main title. It's ok but it's not my favourite theme here by any means. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp Starts with Jyn's theme, and then a great brass transition takes us to another underworld planet. Dramatic strings prepare the audience for the next scene. Trust Goes Both Ways I like what the strings do in this track. Jyn's theme and the Force theme both appear. There's a really neat banjo sound effect as we arrive on Jedha. Nice eerie bassoon, chimes and tense strings. Great percussion to close. When Has Become Now Features a lot of the stuff in the Imperial suite, which is nice. The Death Star motif from ANH is used, which is cool! Jedha Arrival Starts with Jyn's theme lightly but the mood changes as she awakes and the crew land on Jedha. Things gets more serious and the mission is at hand. Saw reappears and the atmosphere is tense again. Jedha City Ambush Neat battle piece, although the idea is a little simple and repetitive. Stardust I like this bit of the soundtrack quite a bit. The piano is super sorrowful, and then the frenetic strings as the Death Star finally fires. Great build up. Confrontation on Eadu A long excerpt from the soundtrack and maybe my favourite track here. Cool brass fanfares, lots of themes appear and plenty of intensity over 8 minutes. Krennic's Aspirations My favourite part here is the music when Krennic arrives on Mustafar. Very big scoring from Giacchino, I think. Cool to hear all the Vader rumbling, and a hint at the Imperial motif from ANH. There were lots of planets in this movie, more than usual, but it was really neat to see Mustafar again. Rebellions Are Built on Hope The Hope theme tries to muster the Rebels to fight, but subsides before they can join Jyn and company. It was cool to see where the Rebellion was at in this movie, going into ANH especially. Rogue One This is one of my favourites from the soundtrack. Cool up-beat march as the crew hurry off. The setting is still anxious but they're confident on their mission. Cargo Shuttle SW 0608 I didn't like this piece at first. It's a simple and slow repeating idea and it has grown on me. Sounds quite like a Williams suspense idea, although it is still Giacchino. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet Lots of little bits of the Rebels in this one, and some nice references to brass sections from the OT. Jyn's theme also appears. AT ACT Assault More alright battle music, and also featuring the Guardians of the Whills theme. The Master Switch Really builds the suspense, and then ends with the Guardians of the Whills theme on violin, which was an interesting choice for the scene. Your Father Would Be Proud Yes, Mr. Giacchino. He would be proud with a piece like this. The pinnacle of the score honestly. Hope Super cool scene with Darth Vader, especially considering I knew very little about this movie before I watched it. Pleasantly surprised, and the choir really builds up this scene where Vader almost gets through everyone to recover the plans. Jyn Erso and Hope Suite I don't mind the Hope theme but I prefer Jyn's theme. It may not be strong enough for her character though, but I think that it also has to do with her relationship to her father, which would make sense. Imperial Suite This is the theme I remembered from the theatre, maybe because it's in the movie quite a bit. I'm glad Giacchino didn't automatically resort to the Imperial March all the time despite how similar this is to the ESB theme. Guardians of the Whills Suite Very nice choral work for a theme that wasn't used a lot in the actual score, at least not like it appears in the end credits. Sounds kinda familiar again but I like it. Thanks for reading!
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