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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-11-30-music-to-play-games-by-article Big fan of game scores here, in fact I'm becoming more and more satisfied by game scores than I am by their contemporary movie equivalents. There's a huge amount of creativity to be found in this relatively new industry and it's just producing better and better stuff each year.
  2. The music in this new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay video is pretty good. More of that Williams-y prequel sound, but it's effective enough. I'm presuming the theme at 11:42 is the score's main theme which is short but memorable. Weirdly I can't find any details of who the composer is. Presumably Gordy Haab?
  3. So, apparently someone leaked 4 themes from the soundtrack of the incoming game Star Wars Squadrons. Haven't listened to it since has been already removed, but we have the names. An intro for both the Rebels and the Imperiales, and two others called "Kickoff Base" and "Frigate Attack High". If anyone listened to it and wants to share their thoughts, let us now! Also, someone in comments said Haab is the composer. Not sure if that has been confirmed but good to know if true. Source:
  4. Other than film music (and a whole lot of game music too) posted around in this forum, what do you guys think of the music from the MMO's from Blizzard out there? I'm in love with the work of Jason Hayes, Neal Acree, Derek Duke, Russell Brower, and all those who work on the music on the video games World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. I'll start posting some real sweet tunes from these guys. Gold stuff here. Both in the games, and in the commercials for their games. Derek Duke, Gnomeregan: (kazoos are f*cking awesome.) Neal Acree, Xaxas (trailer score for Cataclysm): (loving the low C choral lines at 16 sec) Neal Acree, Nightsong (the female voices that come in 1:40... oh man... ) Got any favorites of your own?
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