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  1. I think it was a complex process and not deliberated. Lucas's decision to introduce that theme for the Binary Sunset was based basically in something like "Ok, this sounds good. Let's put that music in this scene, instead of this dark and misterious theme Johnny composed". And that was the pivotal point for a new interpretation of the theme. If I'm not wrong, Williams refered to that theme as "Ben Kenobi's theme" for a long time even when it was known as the Force them, but that was a long time ago and now he also talk about it as the Force theme too. I don't know if it's because director decisions in the sequel trilogy, but you can notice the Force theme is literally all over the place in the last three films. It's so prominent that it feels like the "new" Star Wars theme instead the known fanfarre. Music themes always changes it significance over time.
  2. Yes! IIRC, we've heard that while Ahsoka is telling Din the story of Grogu and names Yoda Here it is
  3. Oh my god, 'Open the Door' is such lovely and nostalgic cue!! I'm in tears. Do we know the name of the motif we hear from 1:20 to end? I'm sure its linked to Grogu but don't know if we can say that's his theme. What an amazing use of The Force theme. Goransson did an incredible job this season including older themes, but this was the cherry on the top, the best way to finish a great soundtrack.
  4. Lol I didn't knew it was you! I feel so dumb hahaha
  5. Oh I'm late to the party then, sorry 😅. That's pretty strange! I always thought he had access to the score to have something to work with. This is honestly unbelievable. I mean, what are the odds?! You guys always amaze me Correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure we can here that theme only in Capital Supremacy, I think Ajan Kloss. Maybe in every sequel map? Did you search there? I'm sure It's in the game Edit: I found the track I was thinking about but it's similar to another part of The training course and is not the track we are looking for We have to keep looking 😅
  6. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this was answered to you but I haven't been very active in the last months in the forum. Just saw this. Nevertheless, I have to say: I've played Battlefront II an insane amount of hours since 2017 and I'm 99% confident this track was added in the TROS DLC. I think Haab did the same with Solo. He took a nice action queue and remade a similar one for the game. From 0:37 to 1:15 you can hear how the theme tries to get to The adventures of Han over and over, and fails. I'm pretty sure it's Haab style for this game. I think because of rights irc, pretty sure he talked about that in an episode of Star Wars Oxygen.
  7. I can't believe this episode. God bless Filoni. Amazing job by Ludwig Göransson too.
  8. I'm so hyped to hear Ahsoka's theme in the next four episodes. It's time to hear the force theme also.
  9. I haven't listen to the soundtrack yet but THAT scene absolutely have Snoke theme on it! Great moment.
  10. This looks awful. But hey, did you ever expected to hear Tchaikovsky while watching Star Wars? 😂
  11. Ha! Nope, I saw it immediately. But wanted to share my love for the sequels, though. Apparently @Bellosh didn't know about those details, so I'm glad I did post it
  12. I know, right? Such a lovely moment! She looks absolutely overwhelmed! Gotta love them both.
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