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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all -- I'm new-ish around here. I think I read a while ago (on here) that the special edition release of the Return of the Jedi soundtrack has the sound quality issues were due to only having access to a second or third generation master and that they were unable to find the original. Is this actually true? How were they able to assemble the 1993 Anthology version if so? The thing that's frustrating the most about the SE release is the high end is capped so low. As a kid I even noticed how much better the Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back special edition soundtracks sound so much better. The Return of the Jedi content on the Anthology release doesn't have the same issues, you get that high end that's missing on the SE release. But obviously it's not as complete. I hope this topic isn't beating a dead horse and if so, sorry.
  2. What is everyone's opinion is regards to Williams' music in ROTJ? Does it live up to SW and ESB (or the prequels if you think those are superior scores)? Personally, I think it has some of the best musical moments in the saga, especially the music involving Luke, Vader and the Emperor towards the end of the film.
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