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Hector mentioned to me something someone said about Shmi's death that I totally agree with. Anakin and Shmi should have been escaping from the sand people, with Anakin fighting them off out of the camp. Along the way, a sand person should have killed Shmi.  

I like that

Why? It's so cliched and predicatable, plus I don't think it would add any emotion to the scene, and if it did, it would be inappropriate emotions for a death scene.

Yoda's tripped out acid induced crystal pumped attack followed by limping like he is about to fall over.  

I think I'm one of the only people who didn't like Yoda's fight... the force duel part was alright, but Yoda shouldn't be jumping around like that.  

Why not? If he can move objects with the force, why not himself?

Well, in the scene I noticed, Portman is wearing a white outfit with some sort of front pockets, and near the lines of these you can make out some sort of round figure poking through

I loved seeing her nipple shape! :sleepy:

First of all, the effect of him riding it really stands out. He doesn't seem to match the shot. Also, it looks like the little scooter you see senior citizens riding on in the supermarket, something an all powerful Jedi wouldn't be caught dead on.

Man you are really weird. :roll:

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That just reminded me of mandrakes.

Dan - who, unless you've read Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets, will not enjoy this thought with you.

:mrgreen: (same)

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I'll be reading this summer "The Chamber of Secrets".

I'm in no hurry to finish the Potter books

Hector - who liked stuff from "Sorcerer Stone" that din't show up in the movie.

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Oh, Hector -- the best book I've ever read: ...and the Sorcerer's Stone. You should definitely read ...and the Chamber Of Secrets before seeing the film, even though I wasn't too impressed with the book until the very end.

Dan - whose annoying friend could play "Moaning Myrtle" in a stage version of the book

:) "One Kiss" from Pay It Forward (T. Newman)

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That's my next book, actually. But I'm not that anxious to finish them

Hector - who is a pleasure delayer  :wink2:

What?!?! You're the first person I've ever heard saying that!

~Harry, shocked :)

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Hector - you're weird.

Read the books!! They're cool.

Dan - who cannot read ...and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonite because he must got to work early tomorrow morning............but is still posting :)

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He's not that weird, I can relate to some of that. You want things you really love to last!

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