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  1. Has to be the horn concerto and the beautiful Nocturne.
  2. This is depressing, he fought so hard.
  3. No. He did such a good job on SG1.
  4. If you listen to the alternate takes on the Star Wars main title in the Binary Sunset (Alternate) track, earlier versions began the main title without a single chord, but two notes that clearly sound like the verbal phrasing of 'Star Wars'.
  5. Yes I've noticed this. Also many of Williams 60s scores include a main title song, so it's probably a habit of his that comes from this.
  6. Michael Nyman, there is no better British composer. He is if you go back enough generations.
  7. I don't think Williams has dumbed down his approach at all. Quite the opposite. He's clearly matured and learnt more of his craft. He had already mastered melody and harmony in the 70s and 80s, yet his scores of the 90s and 00s show far more skill with orchestration and rhythm. His music has become more complex and interesting to the ear. I would have to say Forward To Time Past from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. The originality of this atmospheric piece with dissonant harmony and instruments recorded and played back in reverse. I don't think anyone has done a more brilliant musical depiction of time travel.
  8. What ever happened to him, he used to be a regular on the filmtracks forum. A major film music geek like much of the rest of us!
  9. So, basically, what he's saying is: "I took what was once a cultural filmatic icon with classic tales (not so much the second installment) and turned the lead into a second rate characature, and joke. I'm proud of it!" Umm, Indiana Jones was never meant to be a serious movie. It's an action flick with comedy and adventure, it was always about jokes and characature. There is nothing about the nuke scene that doesn't fit within the essence of Indiana Jones. It is no more ridiculous than a mysterious ark that melts people or a thousand year old crusader who can't cross a line or riding a submarine like a horse in a journey to another continent.
  10. Of course, why would you think a film score requires you to watch the movie? If it's well written it should stand alone. As Alex North said "People argue that the only good screen music is music the audience is not conscious of hearing. I don't agree. Music has a power emotional influence and should be part of the whole film. After all, music is to be listened to, not ignored."
  11. Just tell the director that unless he's willing to cut the film to the music, the music should be written after so it can be a cohesive whole and not a cut up and looped mess. Nope, Alex North wrote it after the film was made. Shame it was cut out of the film.
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