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  1. I've been listening to this playlist nonstop this past week and I've found something that works tremendously with the concert arrangements: putting The March of the Resistance after Ray Meets BB-8 and before I Can Fly Anything. It helps the flow and it makes the March more familiar, and therefore sound more effective, when it returns in The Resistance. If you put it right when all the themes are getting introduced, it doesn't affect the flow terribly and it becomes much more integrated into the score. Just a little suggestion.
  2. Yeah, it works amazing within Empire Strikes Back. But outside it, it's just four notes, a generic "ominous threat looming" musical idea that is not really worth revisiting when constructing a new project. I really doubt Williams remembered it when he wrote "Duel of the Fates".
  3. Personally, I'm old school. I like the action music from the 80's, when the "boom-tzzz" meant something other than just a rhythmic tool. It feels to my ears as if at some point in the 90's, Williams got bored telling musical mini-stories and became content with just writing awesome music.
  4. Musically speaking, it's a pretty boring four-note motif. If Williams ends up scoring these, and if he still has the patience to look back on the old score to fish back the themes, I hope he's busy writing new stuff to rescue such an andoyne concept.
  5. It can't be Incanus. The video essay is not 25 minutes long.
  6. Nobody that you would remember. That hurts Tom. Or was it Ross? Oh, you were pulling a Stefan. Is that the way things go around here these days?
  7. 8:02 - 12:44 "Adventure on Earth", on the ET 1982 album. Five minutes of pure, heartfelt Williams otherworldly, ethereal magic.
  8. I was introduced to Giacchino via the first Medal of Honor, so I may be biased, but I think that's a fantastic showcase of his style on a basic level. Everything you listen to after it sound more advanced in a logical manner. Then again, chronological order is such a boring way to discover an artist.
  9. I'd love us three to have a drink, actually. It'd be a bloody laugh You think hell is just all of us in a bar for eternity? I can imagine now, Steef yelling "Idiot!" at everybody, and Alex in the corner wishing he had never joined the board. Oh joy, all of us regulars-turned-disenchanted-lurkers would be forced to spend eternity reluctantly there with our mouths shut. And Alex wouldn't be in a corner wishing the had never joined the board. If anything, he'd be condescendingly explaining to anyone who would listen how idiotic this new concept of hell is and how the medieval incarnations had more nuance and resonance.
  10. Landa, by a long long shot. I never really got the Joker in The Dark Knight. He is the one that advocates chaos and the futility of planning with a series of carefully planned disruptions of a specific established order, right?
  11. People who vote for Revenge of the Sith are being ironic, post-modern hipsters right? Anyway, on that note, I must vote for Empire Strike Back. It isn't much by itself, granted. But I believe it was designed to stand in contrast with the original (what the audiences from 1980 were used to anyway) and its dissonant, post-Romantic sound is so effective in establishing that is not going to be your 1977's Star Wars. It's both cool by itself and it has deeper meaning within the context of the saga, which ROTJ didn't use. And therein lies its genius.
  12. Your explanation is quite satisfying, Incanus. Not as much as having it spelled out in the movie like every other plot point, but it makes a fair amount of sense. I had forgotten just how much fun this film is, by the way. It's as easy to watch as it is to forget.
  13. I also just watched it at home. It's a shame, really -- this movie really deserves a big screen. It's so whimsical, visually speaking, that a lot of it gets lost on television. Also, can anyone explain why Sakharine is so obsessed with keeping Haddock alive during the first half of the movie and then spends the second half trying to kill him? As far as I know, he still needs "a true Haddock" to uncover the secret of the Unicorn and at no point during his change of mind does he make any significant progress.
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