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  1. Listen to Horner's The Four Feathers (2002) and then listen to the "CBS News Theme." Unbelievable. But I still buy all he puts out.......I'm such a fool.
  2. I'm assuming you're going to the Hollywood Bowl concerts. If so, there's a live rehearsal on the morning of the first performance date (rarely on the second) that's free and open to the public that you should attend. That's the only way you'll get Johnny to sign anything. After the rehearsal's done, go to the rear of Stage Right -- the artist's entrance -- and wait there. Johnny's assistant, James, a short fellow in glasses, might help you if there's not too many people waiting for him with 24 things to sign. Show him what you have, tell him where you came from, and he might either go get Johnny to come out or escort you in if there's not many people waiting. Good luck and enjoy the show! "Suite from The Fountainhead" -- Steiner
  3. Hi, guys! I noticed a descrepancy in the poll. Titanic won the Dramatic Score Oscar in 1997, with Dudley's The Full Monty taking Comedic. The 1998 winners were (dramatic) La Vita E Bella by Nicola Piovani and (comedic) Shakespeare In Love by Stephen Warbeck. In my opinion, the best composition was The Red Violin, but my favorite, undoubtedly, is Dances With Wolves. I would've loved to have said Forrest Gump or Apollo 13, but, alas, inferior scores were awarded the Oscars. You gotta admit, though. Bacalov's theme to Il Postino is very nice. Perhaps not worthy of an Oscar, but quite an enchanting theme nevertheless. Anyway - that's what I think. I hope you all are well. Take care, and, till next time... ----Director
  4. Hello, everyone! I haven't been by in a while, but dropped in today and thought this was a cool topic. Hope you're all doing well... 1. Memoirs Of A Geisha --- "Becoming A Geisha," "The Garden Meeting," "Confluence" 2. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith --- "Star Wars and The Revenge Of The Sith," "Anaking's Betrayal," "Padme's Ruminations" 3. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban --- "Aunt Marge's Waltz," "Buckbeak's Theme," "A Window To The Past" 4. War Of The Worlds --- "Ray and Rachel," "Escape from the City," "Epilogue" 5. Minority Report --- "Sean's Theme," "Anderton's Great Escape," "A New Beginning" 6. The Terminal --- "The Tale of Viktor Navorski," "Dinner with Amelia," and "Jazz Autographs" 7. Catch Me If You Can --- "Catch Me If You Can," "Learning the Ropes," "A Broken Home" 8. Munich --- "Bonding," "Thoughts Of Home," "End Credits" 9. Angela's Ashes --- "Theme from Angela's Ashes," "Lord, Why Do You Want The Wee Children?," "Angels Never Cough," and "Back To America" 10. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone --- "Harry's Wondrous World," "Hogwart's Forever!," and "Leaving Hogwarts" 11. A.I. Artificial Intelligence --- (album:) "Stored Memories and Monica's Theme," "The Search for the Blue Fairy," "The Reunion" --- (promo:) the tracks above, plus "Abandoned in the Woods and Rouge City" my additions to the list: 12. Amistad --- "Cinque's Theme," "The Long Road To Justice," "Mr. Adams Takes the Case" 13. Saving Private Ryan --- "Hymn To The Fallen," "Omaha Beach," "The Last Battle" 14. Stepmom --- "The Days Between," "A Christmas Quilt," "Jackie and Isabel" 15. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (20th Anniversary Edition) --- "The Beginning Of A Friendship," "Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye," "End Credits" p.s. Hey, Ray. I added some I think you like. Take care! - Director
  5. Hi, everyone! I hope everyone's well. Just wanted to share some info. with you. Johnny's Selections from War Of The Worlds is comprised of two pieces from the score: "Escape from the City" and "Epilogue." If any of you are going to the concerts at the Bowl, enjoy! Your long-lost absent friend, Director
  6. That was an amusing read. Quite a rumor you guys picked up on there. There are traces of shadows of fact laced throughout, but, for the most part, its rumor. A really amusing one. ~Director
  7. OH! The second halves of "Off to Gorgon" from Small Soldiers by Jerry Goldsmith and "A Map Of Jerusalem" (Love Theme from The Robe) by Alfred Newman and Ray -- Tom Newman's "Parent's Theme" is beautiful as is Ross' Tuck Everlasting...good job. Hope you're doing well, Ray. - Director
  8. Theme from Casualities of War by Morricone Theme from A Very Long Engagement by Angelo Badalamenti Parachute Drop from Medal Of Honor: Frontline Mary's Theme (or "Mary Goes To Jesus") from The Passion Of The Christ by John Debney Love Theme from Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside) by Alejando Amenabar Love Theme (or "Execution") from Anna And The King by George Fenton and.... any lush, romantic beauty Johnny pens up for the right ocassion come to mind right now... I'll think of about 30 more in about 2 mins... Director
  9. My vote went to Hitch & Benny, but I must point out you left out the 2nd greatest director-composer collabo: Fellini & Rota. In both these cases, these composers defined the nature of the films and that clearly makes them the best. (Of course, just my opinion.) Director - passing through...
  10. Hey, everyone. I hope everyone's doing well. Just passing through and thought I'd help you all clarify something. Johnny is indeed right-handed. Hope you now have a better understanding of our great hero. Take care! ~Director
  11. Trumpeteer, you got my personal favorite!
  12. Hello, everyone. I hope everyone's been doing well. Just to clarify some things for you: the music branch of the Academy nominates and the entire Academy votes for the winner. in '93, Universal (and Williams) did not submit both Schindler's List and Jurassic Park for nomination consideration, because whenever there is a double nomination, they tend to cancel each other out. If JP would've been nominated, Johnny would not have won for Schindler's List or for Jurassic Park. It's possible Elmer Bernstein could've taken home his 2nd Oscar that night. (For example: how many members of this board believe he deserved the Oscar for JP over SL? And vice-versa? See my point? The '93 Oscar was pretty much for both films, just as Peter Jackson and Howard Shore's Oscars were for the trilogy.) My prediction: Johnny will receive his 43rd nod for Terminal, but will not win. ...and whoever mentioned the anticipation for nominating the Episode III score might be onto something there. But he'll be up for 3 possible contenders in 2006 and he's better off with just one nomination. So I guess we'll have this same discussion in 12 months, but the stakes will be much much higher. Happy Holidays to you all and enjoy the best this New Year will bring!
  13. Hi, Miguel. To answer your question, Johnny conducted all music live. Everything from the E.T. Suite at the beginning, to the Universal Fanfare with the E.T. Theme interpolated, and the End Credits cue -- he did conduct a live performance of the End Credits as the credits rolled. The "living end credits" was an opportunity to thank all those associated with the film and with the partnership with the Special Olympics. The introduction by Peter Coyote was also edited for the DVD featurette. Hope all are well. Best, Director
  14. James Moll directed the Kerry doc. Nathan Wang scored. Johnny welcomed Kerry and Edwards to the stage at a celebratory concert with the Pops following Kerry's acceptance speech. Gotta run - hope all are well. BTW: very nice Goldsmith nod on the main page. I'll miss him greatly. Best to you all, Director
  15. One of the best cues written in film score history are the last 4½ minutes of "Indy's Very First Adventure" from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Cue up the film to about 4:45 and the CD as well. Play the clip with no sound, starting when Indy jumps and lands after running out with the Cross of Coronado. As soon as he falls into the lion's boxcar, rewind to the same spot on the film. Then, with the film still muted, replay it in sync. with the score on the CD. Everything will be summed up quite nicely, trust me. An obvious example is E.T., but perhaps too lengthy. That's great that you're doing this and I wish you luck. You can't go wrong with Last Crusade and it'll definitely keep them interested. Hello to everyone. I hope you're all well and continue having fun and staying safe. Enjoy Johnny's latest scores! All my best regards, Director
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