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Hello guys:

It has been a while since my last post.

First of all:

Congratulations to Elliot Goldenthal for his new award

Congratulations to Ricard and Andreas for the excellent new desing of the web


I need your help

Last time I was undecisious to buy a score, I asked you

The result was very good as the score was Schindler's List

My new buy is The Red Violin composed by John Corigliano.

It is cheaper today as there is a sale, so it costs 18 euros.

I would like to know if this score is worthy

Thanks for your help


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Welcome back my friend.

I bought "The Red Violin" as a fluke when it came out because I am sucker for violins for they are my favorite instrument. So, when I saw that a movie was being made about ONE violin, I had to see it and buy the score.

What became of the score is amazing, because it has quickly became one of my favorite 20 scores ever.

The music is intoxicating and haunting... for example... the very beginning of the score starts out with a woman humming the main theme for a little bit, and then slowly, in the background, the violin picks it up until both are equally as loud and then the woman slowly fades away.

The violin playing by Joshua Bell is easily in the "best violin playing" category (I feel). And the final track, which is a "suite" of the score is just FANTASTIC. It builds to a wonderfully LOUD orchestral finish, and then eases back down to a single violin playing once more.

GREAT score, I highly recommend it.

Good movie too, btw.

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It's not the John Williams-type of film score, I think you can somewhat hear that it comes from a "classical" composer (though then again, I wouldn't say that a "film composer" like Williams couldn't/wouldn't do something like this). Since the movie takes place over the course of a few hundred years, the music covers various styles, up to avantgarde.

And yes, I highly recommend it. It's a damn fine score, and definitely deserved the Oscar it got.

Marian - who first heard the Chaconne live in concert. :)

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