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The Mummy Returns (2001) cue titles

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I've had the 2CD edition of this score for some time now but the track titles appear to be a combination of fan-made titles and the OST titles. I'm trying to title the cues correctly - does anyone know how the official slate numbers/cue titles match up to the contents of the 2CD set? I've tried to match them up below but there appears to be some gaps. Can anyone help me out? (What I think are the corresponding 2CD titles are in bold.)


1m1 Main Title (The Legend Of The Scorpion King)
1m2 Tomb Raider Rick (Searching The Tunnels)
1m3 Do it Your Way (The Family O'Connell)
1m3A Been Here Before (I've Been Here Before/Mouse Traps)
1m4 Evy's Flashback (Visions Of The Past)
1m5 Just Had A Vision (Unlocking The Door)
1m6 Slingshot Marksman (This Place Is Cursed)
1m7 Scorpion Shoes (Scorpion Shoes)
1m8 Lock-Nah And Meela (Hamunaptra)
1m9 Imhotep Unearthed (Imhotep Unearthed)
2m1 Just An Oasis (Just An Oasis)
2m2 Bad Guys To The Manor (Visitors At The O'Connell's)
2m3 Bracelet Awakens (Bracelet Awakens)
2m4 Have I Kissed You? (First Kiss Of The Day)
2m5 Meet Meela (The Siege Of O'Connell Manor)
2m6 Evy Kidnapped! (Evy Kidnapped)
2m7 Rick's Tattoo (Rick's Tattoo)
2m8 Imhotep Reborn (Imhotep Reborn)
3m1 Human Sacrifice (My First Bus Ride)
3m1A Human Sacrifice Pt 2 [???]
3m2 The Mushy Part (The Mushy Part)
4m1 Train Chapter (A Gift And A Curse)
4m2 Medjai Commanders (Medjai Commanders)
4m3 Dirigible Montage (A Flying Boat)
4m4 I Want Him Back (I Miss Him/Desert)
4m5 Reconstituted Boyfriend (Flesh And Blood)
4m6 Flush Of Freedom (Train Escape)
4m7 Tsk Tsk (The Next Journey)
4m8 Evy's Flashback Swordfight (Visions Of Nefertiri Part 1)
4m9 Flashback Swordfight Pt 2 (Visions Of Nefertiri Part 2)
4m10 Flashback Finale (Evy Remembers)
5m1 What, No Ice? (Leaving Clues)
5m2 Sandcastles & Breadcrumbs (Sand Castles)
5m3 Canyon Deluge (We're In Trouble)
5m4 Bye-bye Birdy (Horacle Shot)
5m5 Pygmy Territory (Path Of Death)
?m? CUE TITLE? (Any Good With That?) This track is on the 2CD set in the right spot but I don't know the slate or title
5m6 Something Is Coming! (Something Is Coming)
5m7 Pygmy Attack (Pygmy Attack)
5m7A Pygmy Attack Pt 2 (Sacrifice)
6m1 More Pygmies (Time To Go)
6m1A Pygmies Converge [???]
6m2 Racing the Sun (Sunrise)
6m3 Evy Dies (Come Back Evy)
6m4 Fight As Equals [???]
6m5 Curator's Bad Idea (So It Begins)
6m6 A Better Place (Warriors Unleashed)
6m7 Sand Warriors [???]
6m8S Gong [seems unreleased]
6m9 Rick Battles Imhotep (Face-To-Face/The Battle Begins)
6m9A Someone Your Own Size [???]
7m1 False Victory Part I (Family Reunion)
7m2 False Victory Part II (To Kill A Scorpion/Second Division)
7m3 Wrong Girlfriend (Return To The Underworld)
7m4-5 Happy Ending (Rescued/Finale)
7m6 End Credits (End Credits)

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On 4/30/2018 at 6:16 AM, Brundlefly said:

Do you also have the same information for the first score?


I have a cue list, I think, but I don't have the 2CD boot, so cannot do a track-to-slate comparison as I did here.

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