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Do you consider Night of the Demons to be one of the great film scores?

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As far as horror film scores go, I'm partial to Herrmann's  Psycho, Zombie by Fabio Frizzi, Halloween, Goblin's Deep Red, Day of the Dead by John Harrison, Phil Glass' Candyman, Scream by Beltrami...I could go on. I love the restored score for Nosferatu 1922 by Erdsmann (and Gillian Anderson by proxy)


I love The Shining's score but I feel like it's less a score and more extremely effective ambience texturing, and I can't quite listen to it on it's own.


As much as I am a huge fan of horror I've still missed out on some "classics" such as Re-Animator and Night of the Demons, but I love Linnea Quigley so I need to get on that one.

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