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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Transcription/Score Question


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Hey guys,

i have a fairly specific question/requests aimed at the fellow composers and score enthusiasts out there.

Im in the middle of transcribing my favourite cues from the second Harry Potter movie. As soon as im happy with what i’ve figured out by ear, i like to check my transcriptions against the original score. For that purpose i’m using a version of the handwritten score by JW.

But the version i’ve got (and the other ones i’ve found until now) are missing some important cues. Especially cues towards the end like „Fawkes Heals Harry“ or „Reunion of Friends“ (which are two of my absolute favorite JW cues) are missing.

Does anybody know where to find these two cues in particular? I would be very, very thankful to get my hands on the score for these two!


Feel free to dm me if you think you can help me out.

All the best wishes from Germany!

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