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SCORE: Russland (Kolja Erdmann)

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I LOVE this score and definitely in my top 10 of 2011 list (I'll get you that list soon Craig). Also, this may seem mediocre to many, but I can proudly say that this is my 10th review! You can read it here:


Beware the elaborate German names! ;)

Also, I was looking at my stats, and I found something really cool! Recently, I wrote a review on Abel Korzeniowski's beautiful (yet narratively flawed) score for W.E.. Now if you go to Korzeniowski's official website and look under W.E., MY review actually got QUOTED!!!


I know I shouldn't get worked up over something so minor, and I know its probably because I'm one of the few people who reviewed the score before its commercial release, but I can't help but be kind of happy with this (I'm really new with this hobby of writing reviews).

Again as always, criticism and feedback are welcomed. And comment on the site if you ever get the chance!

- KK

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