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  1. Learned keyboards when I was young(ish). Didn't show much determination then. Started singing in a choir in high school when I was 13, have continued to do so in different choirs ever since. Back in 2007/08, due to my admiration of Joe Hisaishi's music, I began to re-acquaint myself with pressing keys on a piano. Right hand one day, left hand the next. On the third day, maybe both of them together. Here's about the only example of my playing, Hisaishi, of course: 2010-03-16 21-00-27.984.wmv
  2. Nach einer Minute hab' ich aufgehört... I stopped after one minute, as I couldn't bear to have one of most favourite tracks by Horner sullied by, yet again, not being as original to him as I had thought for, y'know, 21 years.
  3. VOT! Until today, I hadn't realised that this Board is run by (a) German(s). Much better than invading ozzer contrees. PS: This also marks my 1,000th post.
  4. Probably border-line, but I've been laughing myself silly over this.
  5. I'm currently listening to the sumptuous Tadlow re-recording of this masterpiece, and yet...I find the score's (and film's) second half to be less evocative and engaging than it's first. *shrugs*
  6. Ex-actly. I'm also a volcanologist, so I may be doubly biased...
  7. You need to step away from the computer more often, then... I've never been a big fan of the score, which is probably among JW's meanest. "The Intersection Scene" is good stuff, though...and was later Hornerised in IJ4. That made me laugh right there in the cinema...
  8. Out of my shrinking collection of foot warmers, the only score released by Varese and still missing a deluxidation is Frizzell's Dante's Peak. A middling score to begin with, but it does have some good pieces that didn't make the OST. So if that one is somewhere in the pipe, that would be swell.
  9. Orny Adams of MTV's Teen Wolf.
  10. I don't know if the formerly "complete release" may be mentioned here. If so, I'll delete the following comparison: I've put the version of the unmentionable I've had for years into Jay's chart. The only bit I found interesting is that one track, "Air Force One In Trouble" is only available on the DE. 2019 Varese Deluxe Edition 1997 OST Bootleg 1-01 The Parachutes (2:08) 1 The Parachutes (5:14) 1-01 Main Titles - Parachutes 1-02 Parachute Attack (3:25) 1-03 The Motorcade (2:43)
  11. Ah, OK, so I can switch and ditch that one track from the Rhino release and switch everything else with their LLL counterparts without "losing" any music. Cool, thanks again, Jay!
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