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  1. Yeah, I can relate to that. Unfortunately, the score didn't impress me much on the first listen (haven't seen the film). However, the penultimate track, which isn't much more than sustained, pianissimo strings tremoli, was very moving. A prime example of Shore's "one-note" sombreness that I like a lot.
  3. Try me. Works like a charm. (But then again, I'm Bavarian...)
  4. JessesMariaundJosef, des kamma ja net lesn. I don't know what it is about this particular report, if it's the reporter's personal style or it simply being in German...but man, I felt embarrassed by it.
  5. Yeah, that. As long as it doesn't go the "Basil Poledouris in 2006 route". (I know, that's incredibly morbit, but still...)
  6. Do me a favour...in five minutes' time, put your phones away and ENJOY THE FUCKING THING!
  7. I did wonder for a moment whether JW is aware of how very special these two concerts are going to be for both the audience, especially those of us JWFaners who'll be there, and possibly the Wiener Philharmoniker (as the recent pictures indicate). I guess he is, otherwise there wouldn't have been mutual efforts to have the concerts take place after the cancellations in late 2018. He should just move and stay here in Europe. He's been concerting in the US more than enough! They've had their fill...
  8. Was there ever any statement or indication from either man towards that end? I seem to fuzzily recall Horner being on at least one occasion quite positive about JW (don't ask me for a citation, I have no memory where or when I might have read this.)
  9. Quick query: when was the last time JW gave a concert in Europe (meaning the UK, I presume...)?
  10. I'm vibrating with excitement for all of you and...wait, there's even an emoji for that:
  11. Gee, JW really oughta change his colour scheme. All that black stuff with his white hair and fussels on it...
  12. @Doug Adams Make that draft into a PDF, put it on here. Then, come to Bavaria. I have a nice place where you can hide out...lots of Guinness, too.
  13. A 96-year old friend of mine died in October, half a year after he'd released his memoirs. He told me "Now I have said everything I've wanted to say. Now I can go quietly." I believe with "The Fall of Gondolin", Christopher Tolkien had seen every major piece of his father's writings through to publication. An astounding achievement. He, too, could now go quietly, I guess. They don't make 'em like CJRT anymore. Namarië!
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