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  1. Nobody on here will know this guy, his name is Martin Frank, he is a fellow Bavarian and actual Comedian...and a very attractive man.
  2. Can't they do these things 100% right?! Sweet Betsy... Anything else that is on the original 30 minutes but not on the 125 minute one?!? Ah well...I'm holding on to the original in any case, because (a) Debney autographed it for me and (b) it has the better artwork. Thanks, MS!
  3. Sometimes, film music is the closest remedy! (Again, kidding, I've been down that particular road, but with less success finding the exit. I guess being German complicates everything...) Be well, Bespin!
  4. Did I catch things right that I have to hold onto the old OST because of version of the Opening Credits featured on it which isn't on the DE? [CURSING IN BAVARIAN]
  5. There is a gorgeous passage late in the film where Casper's Lullaby is given a full-strings performance. It is one of those instances where I'd buy a deluxidation simply for one new track...but I can't afford to do that anymore. Alas...
  6. NHK's Hot Spots (Saigo no Rakuen), Vol. 3 by Naoki Sato
  7. Eau de Contrarian, I offer: FotR: Prologue - One Ring To Rule Them All / Give Up The Halfling / Parth Galen T2T: Night Camp / The Breach of the Deeping Wall / Theoden Rides Forth RotK: The Palantir / The Battle of the Pelennor Fields / For Frodo
  8. "Oh yes, I knew your father well. Here, here's a scene with another father. I forgot to do the harp part, come on, give it a try!"
  9. Quite the wordsmith again, Doug. And since I got you on the horn (and no, I'm nowhere near IL): in the DoS booklet (Special Edition), on SMAUG you mention "two intersecting lines twist (...) mirror images of one another. They are the same played back-to-front (...)" While I grant that there may be small language/dyslexia barrier that I can't seem to cross, I never quite got what part of Smaug's theme(s) this relates to, even with the musical notation on the next page. Ta mucho in advanco...and if you need to remain mum, I'll wait for the book. Take care!
  10. You're even using the proper German plural, Jim. Bless you. I really need to make it over to the UK again, simply to meet up wth you for another pint of Guinness.
  11. Exact timings for when the waterphone can be heard in DoS, please. I know Jim noted them once, but I (a) never heard anything and (b) don't know wh...*hang on, what's that Search function for when you need it*...ah, never mind.
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