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  1. This trio of choral works by Georgij Sviridov, the last of which is among the most depressingly lovely pieces of music I know:
  2. In another 88 years, it'll be 2108. That's scary.
  3. The search function and I don't get along very well... Ta mucho, @Jay!
  4. Has anybody of you fine, knowledgeable folks heard of this set? https://www.discogs.com/Howard-Shore-The-Essential-Howard-Shore/release/11084055 If so, are these original pieces or re-recordings?
  5. They should all fly to Rome and have pizza at Ennio's while he's still baking.
  6. I think that after the debacle that AUJ turned out to be for Shore, he apparently changed his tack. He no longer conducted and (solely) orchestrated his music. If you watch the official BTS video of the AUJ rec sessions in 2012, you get his enthusiasm and vigor about being in Middle-earth again. In retrospect, this is no longer evident in the latter scores; I find TDoS in particular so mirthless in long stretches. Wasn't it the case that the recorded some music in parts so that it could be edited together because PJ wasn't finished with the film and there was no more time for Shore to conform exisiting music to the picture? (I gladly take corrections on that...)
  7. Well, he does have a degree in Public Speaking, so I'd venture a guess that it does in some way inform/influence his writing style.
  8. Intrada's Doug Fake being sneaky in the background...
  9. I'll just be patient, I don't need to have this right now. In a month or two, this will have made the rounds in, y'know, those circles.
  10. I recently re-bought TFA for little money as to have all three in a common packaging...the digipack one in this case.
  12. What vexes me to no end is that the following (alternate?) arrangement by Klaus Badelt of one of the Melanesian hymn, "Jisas Yo Holem Hand Blong Mi" wasn't (couldn't be?) included on the LLL set, and only is included in a shortened (also alternate?) version. I wanted the complete score PRECISELY for this 1:50 minute track. GAH! EDIT: In Edmilson's list above, this is 1m06 v.3 Island (1:46).
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