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  1. Has JW been vaccinated/inoculated yet? If so, will that make him immune to director meddling on IJ5?
  2. Hang on, ID4 is coming? *anticipatory vibrating intensifi...wait, there's an emoticon for that *
  3. No poll of 1982 can be considered complete without this minor masterpiece, Michel Magne's Les Misérables:
  4. The only collecting bug I never understood is the posting of order numbers. I'm inclined to agree with your second assessment, and I'm probably guilty of it myself inasfar that for me, the tedious process is corralling my thoughts about any piece of music in as straight-forward and succinct language as possible. Which is sometimes hindered by my not being musically educated, or being cognizant of pertinent pieces of information on the film, the scoring process etc. I react to music on a visceral level, and to put that into words is often a time-consuming and frustrating affair.
  5. So everyone got excited about this release some six years ago, but then...had no further thoughts on it? I do...it's a fine score. The Silver Age is not my main area of interest, and I know too little about the other Bernstein's oeuvre and standing (other than he has it) to put the music into context. It reminds me a lot of North's sparse "internal scoring", only less, heh, sparse, and I'll grant Doug Fake that the finale is a most powerful piece of film scoring. Sound is generally fine, as I never had too many problems with mono releases if that is all that there is to
  6. JW: "Pay close attention, this is how a consummate professional does it... You might learn a thing or two."
  7. Find the inspiration in this cue:
  8. Nice melody. Typically pathos-laden self-important lyrics. And for some reason, you can sing the lyrics of the German anthem over this melody. Also: Fuck the SBZ. Agreed on the Russian anthem:
  9. When I first heard the following tracks 19 'rooeffin' years after seeing the movie and lamenting the old Varese OST...I was bawling with joy and bouncing up and down in my seat!!! Gwendys Attack: THAT BIT FROM 1:21 ONWARDS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! This is Fun!: Fire in the Hole: Ahem...yeah, this one's great!
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