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  1. I am beyond thrilled that you folks attending had (will have) a thoroughly wonderful time! I also feel moved to offer an apology that my country/capital/whatever entity responsible is still making you wear face masks.
  2. Yeah, I'll go to this one. It's on the way to Sicily in any case.
  3. A reminder that the concert can be live-streamed: https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/53783 I've bought a 7-day-pass for 9.99 € and am looking forward to watching the concert on Saturday! Without a mask, but with a pot of hot tea. I hope all of you who have travelled to that place I shall not name will have the best possible time!
  4. Ditto, but I have an inkling that no fixing is going to happen. Can't show your receipts, it's a gut feeling...
  5. Big recommendation. This is a lively, fun and very informative session! And you get different British accents on top of it!
  6. Having listened to this again, it seems I'm finally "getting" it. After being bowled over in the film, I was ever so slightly left cold by the score when I first listened to the OST. Having the promo material and extracted bits helped a lot, but today, something finally clicked. A masterpiece. And how very lucky all involved were/are in retrospect, with this - and the Vienna Concert - coming in right before Corona hit. Rather amazing, really.
  7. I vant Ze Reyders Marsch viz korus zis tyme!!11!!
  8. The date is January 8, 2009. Can't quite remember where I gotten his contact address...wasn't through his agency, though. *looks around sheepishly*
  9. A Nazgûl has been dispatched to relay our, let's say, displeasure with this release. A fell beast is on hot-standby to wreak havoc on Menken's azaleas as well. Or waylay him on the tennis court!
  10. On a side-note: @Doug Adams I feel you ought to get the Hobbit book out before you have to sit down for the next one!
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