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  1. It'll need cowbell. Everything needs cowbell. No, MORE cowbell. (looks at cows on the field next to my place...yep, cowbells!) As I said, I'm looking forward to what you come up along the way, FM! PS: They need to be this size:
  2. For a split second, I feared this would be the case here, some inane producer deciding to re-vamp Mononoke. To which the following would have been the only appropriate reply: Happy to say this is not the case, and I'm looking forward to how ForestMusic progresses on his project!
  3. Final batch of ordered CDs came in today...yesterday morning still near Toulouse in the South of France, today at noon in Bavaria. With this exemplary speed, the Postal Services ought to have planned the War and tank advances (which War? DOES IT MATTER?!). THANKS MUSIC BOX RECORDS!
  4. Howard Shore: "I'm Doug Adams..." Doug Adams: "...so am I." *both crack up*
  5. They should set him up in a nice hotel in Milan with some score paper, a pencil and record the score there. Boom, problem solved, everybody happy.
  6. "Play those five notes for me again, I've forgotten what they sound like..."
  7. Actual question: is something like this (or, to jump to another score, the "Agnes of God" moment during Hook's "You Are the Pan") intentional, unintentional (JW heard it when watching the movie, perhaps?) or completely coincidental?
  8. Re-listening to the CR for the umpteenth time, and I'm still being bowled just how evocative Shore can be with the - deceivingly - simplest of tools. Behold (Behear?) the first 30 seconds of this: All there is to this are (I think) open strings chords and low choir as a base-line of sorts, the boys choir humming the Seduction of the Ring, and those distant bass-drum strokes. Shivers down me spine...
  9. That plant thing was PS'ed in as well. Here's what's REALLY on that pedestal:
  10. Road to Perdition is a score and album that has more longer tracks than usual. At the very least, it isn't as "bit-ty" a listening experience as many of other TN albums.
  11. At least for the reviews, one can invert the colours. As regards everything else, I'm biased. Christian has been a good friend for over 15 years.
  12. Query to the Gallery of Knowledgeables: I can't place the OST track "John Spills" to the track list of the DE. Is the OST version an edit of two or more pieces on the DE?
  13. Uhm, yes, PLEASE?! https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/babylon-5-reboot-the-cw-j-michael-straczynski-1235075236/ @Yavar Moradi Did you know about this? If so, WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD ME ABOUT IT!?!?
  14. He's getting it for Christmas, I'm making sure of that!
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