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  1. I couldn't quite find the following (then again, I didn't look at every page in this thread ), so here's a quick-n-dirty list of the OST vs. DE for seaQuest DSV. As noted above in this thread, the only track that did not make the transition is the Main Title. (Episode titles are underlined, and the tracks in question marked in bold and, if necesssary, with their title on the OST.) CD 1 To Be or Not to Be: 1 seaQuest Opening Credits 2 seaQuest Arrives 3 Military Welcome 4 To The Island 5 Come See Her 6 seaQuest 7 Playon To seaQ
  2. I just finished listening to American History X. Two quick observations: 1) Doug Fake at Intrada once lamented that the opening music (around two minutes that segue into the first track of the album) wasn't included. Having re-watched the scene in question, that lean French horn line over snare drum tattoos, I'd tend to agree. 2) This is most Howard Shore-sque score Howard Shore never wrote.
  3. Ever so slightly beaten up, but still happy to have been able finding all three of them together and for a reasonable price...
  4. I know no such people...AND YOU CAN NO LONGER PICK UP *ALL* THE CRs! *input/output error, commence self-destruct* Also: This post was tongue-in-cheek. Straight-faced (lol, yeah, wrong term for me...): it's all good, Jason. Your "Holy Shit" simply amused me to no end, and I wanted to point that out in a (for/to me) similarly amusing way.
  5. Only problem that I keep forgetting to put a "tongue-in-cheek" advisory to such posts, to avoid misunderstandings. I thought the emojis would help, but clearly, they didn't get the point across.
  6. Jason LeBlanc, ladies and gentlemen...the only guy on Planet Earth (score by George Fenton!) to get excited about other people's purchases!
  7. Pleasant, but unremarkable. "Nobody's Nerakhoon" by way of "Hugo Light in the Spotlight of Denial".
  8. I wanna play on one this large as well...all I can offer is the one in my village's parish church!
  9. I'll raise you a One-Winged Angel on church organ (and puts the highlight album on my to-be-investigated-later list):
  10. I listened to the CD (part of the Blu-Ray combo released last August) for the first time yesterday, and I couldn't find anything wrong with it.
  11. Do you have enough time to listen to the entire thing (or is it a highlights CD)? EDIT: Orchestral Arrangement Album, got it.
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