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  1. Hey! I'm not trying to be evil I just think we should separate the OT posts into a new board so we dont have to look through so much to find JW threads, just to make life easier. It's not that i don't care it's just easier this way, I think
  2. I'm sorry to put yet ANOTHER Ot post but I think these are getting out of hand. My sugestion is to make a separate board (like we have General Discussion and the Trading board.) We can make a OT board to discuss whatever we want. Good idea?
  3. Yea, that too but I didn't have that story at the time, that wasn't known at the time.
  4. Yea, I told him he was full of Bantha Poodo, then he gave me a weird look. He always did seem crazy. Like artsy crazy if you know what I mean.
  5. This summer i was at music camp. While I was there there was another slight John Williams fan. I was telling him how Shmi's theme was kinda in Minority Report. Then he said "You know why? It's because John Williams has a composition team." I didn't beleve him, though he said he did write a few things like Star Wars and ET. I really don't beleve him but then when I hear music by him that doesn't sound Williams like I get worried. Please help calm my fears.
  6. This is a really big shopping day. Remember this is also the day AOTC comes out on DVD...
  7. I don't know all these old movies that were before Star Wars :oops: EDIT: Oh wait, that was after all the star wars movies. :oops: (again)
  8. The whole time i was hoping there would be a Cantina Band like song there. It was a sports bar it seemed anyway. There was podracing on TV and what looked like droid football (it wasnt that, but I don't remember what it was)
  9. Do you think they should have done something different with the music like they did with the Cantina in ANH? Some people might say, "it's not the same kind of place", or "the scene wasn't big enough" but I would have liked to see something similar to that. What do you think?
  10. Mr. Potter I never ment you, I ment people who are SO obsessed, they think they can post junk and usseless stuff only because they have that many posts. THAT is the problem, you on the other hand seem to post very well thought and useful things.
  11. I'm still tryin to find out if anyone else notices what I do about it...this is the reason I left TF.N.
  12. Wow when I wrote this ever actually thought it would get this big. Three cheers to the most replies I've ever had!
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