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  1. what's with all these people with light sabers in the audience...
  2. Is this shared here before? Brassband De Bazuin Oenkerk (where a long time ago I played as percussionist) that perform multiple arrangements of John Williams' music:
  3. I'm always looking around. Here, I spotted the glockenspiel and the rest of the percussion after the concert...😊
  4. Yep. As said at the corridor of the Parterre right. Close to the men's toilets...😁
  5. I compared them with the video on YouTube and noticed quite some different players. At least the first violin player (concert master), the second flute, which was a woman in 2022 and I guess also the timpani player (or he got bold really quick...😅). In fact the timpani player in 2020 now was the percussionist stating there will be a schalplatte....
  6. In the Netherlands we also say that a band makes 'een nieuwe plaat'. But that as well is a general reference to vinyl, CD, or even streaming. Ps. Interesting note on the door: Please put phones into fly-mode. Direct to disc... Something to do with interference?
  7. I joked to my neigbour that they probably hired and paid you to immediately stand up after each piece. 😅😂 I liked it!
  8. Must have been row 5, cause I was on row 7...😊
  9. Mainly thanks two 2 people just in front of me that stood up immediately after each piece. I just saw them at the airport again...😁
  10. The horns and trumpets were superb today. Also special shoutout to the timpani player. He had a nice and difficult solo in the violin concerto. Although I was sitting on row 7, I had troubling sight. Maybe it was because the constant wet eyes, when I realized how lucky we are to be able to go to this concert in freedom. A true highlight in my musical life. Even more grateful and at the same time very confronting, when I came back at Vienna trainstation and saw a group of Ukrainian refugees that just arrived. Lucky badtards we are. Next week I'm going to sign up as volunteer and help refugees in my local town. Cheers!
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