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  1. Spielberg was in Amsterdam on the 27th, 100% sure. People spotted him in a hotel as well. And the tweet is from Erik Luyten, marketing and PR manager at Paradiso.
  2. His daughter performs under the name Buzzy Lee. Her show was on Saturday, so Spielberg would have been able to fly over on Friday...
  3. Today I found out that Spielberg was actually very near by, attending a concert performed by his daughter in Paradiso, Amsterdam... A friend of mine even caught him on camera...😁
  4. After > 1 hour delay finally taking off from Gatwick Airport. But with yesterday's performance of Superman Main Titles blasting at 192kbps flying just got another dimension. Highly recommended!
  5. I just downloaded it at Gatwick Airport. What a crappy bit rate. Being a renown Classical Music Station, this sound quality is clearly not advertising for them...
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