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  1. Hello all, I'm posting this here because I don't actually know where to post it other than this section. Well. When I said 'hi' for the first time in these forums I said that I was a classical music composer and that JW is one of the persons who inspire me continuously (music speaking). I think John Williams is one of the best alive composers, if not the best, and although some people would say it's too much mainstream, I really love his compositions as they are. Recently I've released my classical compositions, there are like 6 or 7, in my website. Some of them are intended to be good quality
  2. I have noticed that many of us are composers of our own original music. This topic is for you. There are currently some recorded VST orchestras on the market to use for creating music. One of them is the East West Orchestra, and they claim to have that 'Hollywood Sound'. This sound, which is in my opinion the current 'Hollywood sound', with an epic aura and modulated instruments (especially brass). Well. The fact is that the current 'Hollywood sound' is not 'JW sound', in my opinion. JW likes to use a more Vienna orchestra with a more european approach. This is due that probably he started cre
  3. I must say that I'm listening to the soundtrack (Tintin) for the fifth time and I'm starting to like it, although it's very different from what JW uses to compose, in my opinion. I've been able to use a premium Spotify account and works super fine for me! There's a lot of JW there
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    Welcome! I joined just a couple weeks ago.
  5. Hi avalanche! I've visited in the U.S.: NY, Boston, LA, FRISCO, San Diego and I've even visited Cincinatti!
  6. The Empire Strikes Back. I think, if I'm not wrong, that we have a winner!!! It is one of the bestest scores ever composed, IMHO
  7. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I'm checking out this page these days, it's great, it has a lot of interesting content I like to read and watch. Congratulations!!
  8. First of all, say two things: as you may see, I'm new to the forums and I'd love to join the conversation as I'm a true JW fan and, I'm a demi-professional music composer. My opinion on Tintin's OST by JW: Although is a great soundtrack, compared to other non JW soundtracks, it lacks of memorability overall. I've listened to the first and second tracks three or four times and I can't remember the melodies (:-S) I think John Williams is a great composer because is a master in orchestrating themes but I guess he is famous by having brought to us a bunch of the greatest melodies of all times (lik
  9. Hello all from Spain!!! Just wanted to say that I'm a demi-professional musician and that I LOVE John William's music! He's my inspiration, I truly believe he is one of the greatest composers of all time challenging Mozart, Beethoven and the classics. By the way, I'm from Spain and you can check out my music in my Youtube channel on my signature. Cheers!!
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