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  1. Thanks for the tip regarding the bus Even if I manage to get there it doesn’t seem there is a hotel within walking distance of the venue in Tanglewood? Also, does anyone know if he’s definitely not appearing at the May Boston shows, as a special guest or otherwise?
  2. For those travelling from outside of the US to Tanglewood, I'm honestly curious how you get there by public transport? I tried to work it out last year but gave up, lol. 😁
  3. I'm selling my Pool Circle ticket for the show on September 2. This is the section closest to the stage. Face value. More info
  4. Hey guys. I was hoping to attend the show at the Hollywood Bowl on September 2, so I purchased an amazing seat in the pool circle when I saw it was suddenly available from the official Hollywood Bowl website. Sadly I am now unable to attend so I've put the ticket on eBay (face value): Buy it here I'm hoping it will sell to a real fan
  5. I have a ticket for the Hollywood Bowl show on Sep 1. Sadly I won't be able to go after all. I'm happy to give my ticket away for free.. let me know if you are interested. Section E, row 16, seat 39. It's an eticket that I can email to you.
  6. Does anyone have one ticket for sale for this show? Thinking of flying in from Europe to see him..
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