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  1. I'm just talking in generalities.....a lot of people just people have said they didnt' like it
  2. you know, i'm not sure why so many people dislike the potter movie. i really think they did a fantastic job with it
  3. not surprised in the least!
  4. i really like kenneth's acting..... i especially liked Dead Again
  5. Ren

    Best 00 score

    hmmmmmmm i was changing it so i was back to the "old" ren i was waiting for Harry to fix it!
  6. sorry i didn't put it up yet in a flash though
  7. ha ha....this is trippy! it's like we are chatting but not (geeky snort and laugh)
  8. 8O :? :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :mad: :alien: :wow: :tongue2: :sneaky2: :astrosmiley: :biggrinflip: LOL ROTFL :spiny: :wink2: :cry2: :confused: :cool: :dontgetit: :lookaround:
  9. *whine* sorry, cats have nine lives though, she'll be back!
  10. well i'm sure we all hope so.
  11. i had a hard time deciding too. what do you think the themes will sound like?
  12. oh my! i wonder if the weasley's will be humorous?
  13. Ren

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    I had to say HP. After reading the books, I sincerely think that JW did a FANTASTIC job fitting his 'take' of the books to music. everytime I read the books, I hear his music
  14. i just buy them if i've heard them and liked them!
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