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  1. For me, The Lost World's Latin percussion is distinctive, giving it a different ("harder," "edgier"?) tone than the Jurassic Park score. Then, the string/woodwinds of Angela's Ashes present a different, cooler color than The Phantom Menace's warm string tone @artguy360 mentioned in the original post.
  2. Perhaps something like Walton's Spitfire Prelude... I can't sit at a piano without playing the opening of that first.
  3. It's the subsequent stuff, closer to ~9:30, those trumpet blasts on one note, that do it for me. I realized it's more Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, though. The former relation is certainly possible, though the latter film was out the same year.
  4. Does ~8:00 and then again at ~8:45 and on, but most especially at ~9:15 on in "The Train" (Horner, The Legend of Zorro) sound like music for the Resistance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? For me, I now hear those strings at ~1:00 in "Scherzo for X-Wings" as castanets!
  5. As a sometimes composer, taking a look at pieces I've written several years past, I can say that most of the time I have no idea what I was thinking. Though, other times, I can remember precisely where I was and how I felt when I wrote specific pieces or moments...
  6. The Patriot Angela's Ashes Nixon Far and Away Heidi I am ridiculously unfamiliar with most of his non-Spielberg/-series film scores. I almost wanted to include his NBC News or Olympics packages in here, but they might actually qualify as series. Edit: I'm listening to Sleepers right now, a movie I've never seen nor score I've heard. I might need to modify my list.
  7. Ooh, that is wonderful information! Thank you, Smeltington! At the same time, I had seen that image, and while I thought it might be the Pentel, it isn't the wooden pencil he was using in the video (which seems to have been identified). I would have still posted For some composers, I'm not sure they worry about their writing implements and paper, but for others, it's a very personal part of their process. I wonder where Williams falls in that. For me, I focus far too much on the stationery and not enough on the music... that's my problem...
  8. I did search for "pencil", but my search term wasn't strong enough! Now I know better. Though, having seen that image, it wasn't what he was using back in '80, based on the video. Perhaps he isn't as persnickety, or like some, he fluctuates between them, or maybe he finds the padded grip more comfortable now.
  9. I recently watched the video of Williams working on The Empire Strikes Back. In it, he and the other musicians use many writing utensils. Can anyone identify the brands? Does anyone have any insight into Mr. Williams' favorite writing implements?
  10. I just saw Heidi (1968) yesterday. My wife had seen it as a kid, and we showed it to our kids. I didn't see the opening, so I when I went in to watch, I was pondering... "I think John Williams wrote this, if I recall..." Then, the underscore came in for a trip down to the village, and it was obviously Williams (to my ear, at least). "Yep."
  11. I am excited to see what you do with *SPOILER* Dobby's death. I've tried to work out his theme from COS but I can't make it funereal or eulogic. But there's something stirring in the second half of the theme... Wonderful reference to the Dies irae for the thestral in "Introducing Luna and The Feast".
  12. Are we talking about The Shadow or The Phantom? In The Shadow Intrada release, "The Clouded Mind" is wonderful, with its Dies irae and either that or the following track's funky rhythms/awesome horns.
  13. We do have the same last name ("Strings"), but mine has lost the space before it.
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