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  1. Are we talking about The Shadow or The Phantom? In The Shadow Intrada release, "The Clouded Mind" is wonderful, with its Dies irae and either that or the following track's funky rhythms/awesome horns.
  2. We do have the same last name ("Strings"), but mine has lost the space before it.
  3. "The Length Of A Horner Cue 14:14" pops into my mind everytime I listen to Horner's music (may he rest in peace), but I only just resurfaced this post! Thank you for the warm memory, JWFan.Net Forum!
  4. Oh, my, it's wonderful that 2-decades-old conversations can be picked up just like that! And I still love the score to The Shadow, as well as the movie itself. My friends even scheduled a viewing of it into my bachelor party in 2011. @Jurassic Shark, not that I am aware of.
  5. I thought so! Seriously, though, thank you much for this identification. My three year old is obsessed with the Star Wars music (like his father). We've played it innumerable times, especially ESB, hence this motif getting stuck in my head. He can identify many of the big themes. In the music for Yoda's Death, he could positively identify (without prompting, mind you) "Darth Vader's Theme," "the Main Theme," "Yoda's Theme," and "the Force Theme," after two or three notes each, in succession! Incidentally, "The Battle of Hoth" makes for great snow-shoveling music. ~Conor
  6. I have an unknown motif from Star Wars in my head, possibly heard early on in Episode V, at least. I am attaching a transcription of what is in my head. Can anyone identify its thematic attachment, if any? ~Conor
  7. Has anyone discussed the fact that 20th Century Fox is not involved in this movie? Doesn't that mean there will be no Fanfare? Will it be Disney's castle and the Bad Robot? What music goes there? I hope Disney's castle gets Randy Newman's Toy Story opener! ~Conor
  8. Oh, because its also in "T-Rex Rescue & Finale" while Lex is navigating the UNIX system. I see.
  9. I could have sworn that the music for Ellie's escape from the maintenance shed was on the original album, but it seems like it would be part of "Hungry Raptor." I don't have the new release yet, so I can't confirm this. Why do I feel like I've heard it outside of the the film?
  10. I wonder if it was Fanfare for Michael Dukakis. Does Williams say the same thing of Obama?
  11. I do despair that sarcasm does not easily come through text, although I suppose I should be grateful of the reminder that it is not always appeciated or appropriate. Indeed, it works both to entice the rex and to scare the daylights out of Lex.
  12. It was written for the scene where they use a goat as bait That makes absolutely no sense.
  13. OK, thanks. Unused makes sense. It seems like there are a few places that are more heavily edited than others (either on the album or in the film, I don't know which), including music that doesn't appear in the film. I also noticed the stinger at Arnold's severed arm is the same as right after the utensils fall in the kitchen scene. ~Conor But I haven't yet heard all of the newly released cues, so it could be from the start of that track, too.
  14. What is this "Goat Bait" track? I can't find it in the film. ~Conor I thought we were supposed to avoid politics
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