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  1. no no! I'm not THAT heavy a drinker. I just think that "drinks" are a part of who I am. My friends know me as a martini lover and such and that's kind of what I do. I don't drink Bud or anything like that and I would be POOR if I got drunk on Martinis! Especially if I got them at bars and didn't make them at my home. (7-8 bucks a drink!!!)
  2. i like vodka because it has no aftertaste. It is kinda like water! I haven't gotten sick on vodka either!
  3. i don't think so!!!!!!! that was my first time drinking! I had no idea! and I was in the stall for a LONG TIME because I woke up there (boys bathroom) the next morning with bruises on my knees and chest from hugging the toilet!
  4. I can't do cinnamon or peppermint schnapps anymore got WAY sick on 3 shots in 10 minutes! (5 years ago) I could probably hold my liquor now but the smell still gets me. when it happened I had the HARDEST time brushing my teeth without gaggin!
  5. raspberry vodka and lime juice - raspberry gimlet cosmo - vodka, cointreau, cranberry, lime what flavor is after shock?
  6. what IS happening to some movies nowadays? i see more teenie bopper movies and ones where every other words are swears!!! what's up!
  7. oh i could listen to it all day!!!!!! those barely audible slides between the most perfect notes just make it beautiful!
  8. i second that.... i could. . . . .listening to that one! die
  9. When you are watching a movie in your home (prefereably a JW scored movie ) What is your favorite thing to drink? Alcoholic or Non! My Favorites are: Coke Cosmo Raspberry Gimlets Cape Cods! ~I made it too 100 posts!
  10. You would have cracked up to see their faces! I just kept playing all this JW stuff and they were like "he wrote this TOO!" And then they were like THIS IS THE NBC SONG!!!!! HE WROTE IT! COOL!
  11. Yeah. The kids have yet to realize how often they hear JW's music. They had no idea that when they listen to the news. . . .
  12. i would love to take a class to study the composition style of JW. There is something about his writing that sounds like no other.
  13. I teach elementary music in Maine. And not like I'm a great teacher or anything but before I got there the kids were like "aren't all composers dead?" They know much different now!
  14. E. T. Harry P Star Wars Jurrasic Park Schindler's List Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Superman and. . . .hmmmm
  15. You know, That is exactly what I think and that's why I felt it was so important for my students to know all about him. I made sure they knew a bunch of his pieces, knew how to play some, knew what a composer and a film score was, and knew what it was like to watch a movie with and without music.
  16. I personally think HP is a great DVD to own. I bought the music before I saw the movie and I really thought the music went well with the movie. It wasn't like "background" music, you could really hear it and it played a big role.
  17. Well, I hope we can all have our own opinions here. I like to hear what people think is good and bad about JW's stuff whether or not they know all the facts.
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