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  1. This is an amazing batch! Great job Varese! No complaining here This is a great set of scores, (Ordered the Goldsmith, Bernstein and the Ray Cook) I can't wait for these.
  2. They might be some unreleased scores that have some sport affiliation??? Hoosiers ect.??? Or it might not mean anything.
  3. CD CLUB - THE OLYMPIC EDITION! Date: 2/21/2006 Six scores on four EXTREME new CDs join our CD Club in this first batch of 2006. Join us on March 6! So we will wait and see, Varese seems excited about this set of releases so I am really excited about these. WWM
  4. CD CLUB NEWS! Date: 11/7/2005 To close the CD Club's slate of releases for 2005 will be a final four titles announced on November 21. Hopefully everyone will find something to be thankful for among the new releases. See you then!
  5. its the pre chistmas release which they hope to sell more at that time, I could care less as long as they release em
  6. On amazon they have listed that the new FOTR 4 disc set is 53.99 and will be released Dec 13th that puts it at about 13.50 a cd, not too bad. I cannot wait for this release!
  7. Any new soundtrack release especially from Varese is a good release and warrants exclamation points. WWM
  8. "Five new scores on four CDs are about to be inducted into our CD Club. We’ll see you on August 22 for the unveiling." Just thought I would post for those that don't know. WWM
  9. 75: I can't believe you neglected to remember the latest JW Varese Club release: HIGHLIGHT The Long Goodbye
  10. Okay here is my take on it: Anakin had no father, it wasn't any Dark Lord, I thought of him like a biblical person, not concieved of any body, with the virgin Shmi, and Anakin is the chosen one, not born of man. And the reason that Obi-Wan said to Luke that his father wanted you to have this is simple: Obi-Wan wanted to remember Anakin the way he was before he destroyed himself to the dark side, it is the same reason he bends the truth in avoiding that Vader is Anakin, that Vader is his father. And Obi-Wan probably just says that I don't remember OWNING any droids, and many droids look the same, and I can't remember if Obi-Wan has seen 3PO in his gold plating yet, I know that is why Beru and Lars dont remember him. Around 20 or so years have passed, so these people are not going to remember every little droid they pass. I always figured the first answer to the first post is that Master Sipodias was Palpatine, I think Palpatine went in disguise to Kamino, and with his powers he was able to erase the Jedi Archieve Memory. So thats that WWM
  11. Okay here is mine: 1. ESB = ROTS 2. ANH 3. ROTJ 4. TPM = AOTC
  12. I know I saw it too last night, when I saw it I said to myself YES!!! It made this film much more complete, this film altogether I thought was flawless! every little detail was there
  13. COMING TO YOUR GALAXY THIS SPRING! Date: 5/5/2005 No, we’re not talking about Revenge of the Sith, but we sure are looking forward to it. The long awaited and much anticipated announcement of new Club titles is upon us. On May 16 we will post three new Varèse Sarabande CD Club titles, plus a new release from Masters Film Music. And, as if that’s not enough, there is another … a special, fifth title (and the one responsible for this belated announcement) will round out our spring offering. Hope to see you, we do! Woodwindmaster06
  14. yes, they are planning this for all 6 of the films.
  15. the 3D was confirmed to be made twice today once by lucas and another time latter in the day by Rick
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