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Found 5 results

  1. Avengers Infinity War - Part 1 wasn't as terrible as I was expecting. I felt invested in the story and the individual setpieces and liked most of the characters (especially Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy) I enjoyed this film more than the first Avengers and that's an achievement of a kind. I think the disappointing, confusing, and terrible aspects of this film, for me, can be broken down into a few segments: *SPOILERS* *Thanos = Bland CGI villain and Video Game Lackeys* One of the most distracting things right off the the bat about the film was the Thanos CGI model and character design, bearing no distinction from a video game villain you might find in something like World of Warcraft - he looks silly. It wasn't Josh Brolin's performance, it was just the character he was portraying I felt nothing for and this was in part because of his CGI appearance. I can't believe after all these years that the Avengers' greatest foe and all the films had been building to THIS, a Homer Simpson/Shrek hybrid of a villain whose motivations are extraordinarily dumb and simplistic. His entire character boils down to searching for powerful mcguffins that will wipe out half of the universe's population. I think when you reach this point in the tenured heights of the Superhero genre, where all the stakes are raised incredibly high - they begin to hit the ceiling of credibility and believability. Where do you go after Thanos, can you go back to fighting crime with Superpowers? Thanos is accompanied by usesless lackeys whom he calls the 'Children of Thanos' - they're all CGI pieces of shit who look like something from a MMORPG . They all chide the Avengers for being useless but they all die and are inconsequential to the plot, essentially no better than the faceless monsters they release at Wakanda. The entire time they were onscreen I was thinking how much better they might've worked in the context of a fantasy type anime where their stylistic hobgoblin traits and melodramatic cadence would be better suited. Later in the film, Thanos's search for the stones brings us to another CGI fantasy landscape to import the Thanos model into where we encounter none other than the Red Skull, yeah, that *memorable* villain Hugo Weaving portrayed seven years ago but he's now a flying ghoul protecting the soul stone for some reason. Why is he here, why this convoluted and contrived sequence to have Thanos sacrifice Gamora - a relationship that was only setup earlier in the film? I felt sad not because of Thanos's actions but because Gamora's death was meaningless and wasted. *Overabundance of Poor CGI and Black Panther* I couldn't take any of Thanos's scenes seriously, and to make things worse the CGI environments these characters were set against were insanely bad, I don't think they filmed any scenes on a physical set or location leaving me in disbelief that one of the MCU's tentpole films looks no better than what we were getting in 2005, with something like Revenge of the Sith (there seem to be many other parallels to the Star Wars prequels here which is discouraging). We get to return to Wakanda, the expansive African plains rendered in authentic African CGI for another inconsequential battle with more faceless monsters - didn't we just have a CGI battle at Wakanda at the end of Black Panther? The Wakandan warriors gather their spears and plasma shields (reminiscent of The Phantom Menace's Gungans) ready to fight, but then those pointy spears shoot lasers that fire at the invading faceless monster/creatures betraying the cultural significance and necessity for primitive weapons in the first place, which was precisely a major problem I had with Black Panther. A cultural, African populace living in a sophisticated and technologically advanced society, reverting to tribalistic displays and whose idea of a democracy to determine their leader is reduced to a savage fight to the death on a waterfall. Where's the cultural appropriation brigade? Isn't this just absurd? Isn't this a tad bit racist? There's just something off about seeing T'Challa fly over Africa in a futuristic aircraft as a triumphant fanfare blasts while the people below live in abject poverty - and on top of that Wakanda's 'Outreach' aid is centred somewhere in America and not first and foremost directed to the African people suffering just outside the anachronistic Wakandan Utopia! Without spoiling anything (if there's anything to spoil) the film ends with Shrek *Thanos* returning to his swamp to watch the sunset in what is supposed to be a clenching cliffhanger. Oh no, what ever will the Avengers do to stop this purple monster and reverse his evil plan? In the end there's no weight to the loss of life, no consequences, no emotional significance. Just another tired story beat for them to solve in the next film. Now, onto the positives: *Everything that isn't Thanos* I loved Thor and his plot with the Guardians in trying to forge a new hammer, it was just fun and a nice diversion from the grim main story; the writing for Thor is brilliant. I particularly liked the team-up of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange who played nicely off each other and the Guardians of the Galaxy - some of my favorite MCU characters from recent years, but perhaps Spider-Man could have been left out, just another character reduced to a cheap emotional gimmick. Seeing all of the individual breakdowns of the teams was a good move to have some clarity in a film stuffed with fluff, because there's a lot going on and characters left right and centre. Overall I enjoyed the film save for the CGI and video game villains and the general laziness of the MCU, I think if part two can rectify some of these things it might serve as a nice send-off for these characters and we can move on to other things and not endless sequels, origin stories and team-up films.
  2. ...will be written and directed by Joss Whedon. He's also developing the recently revealed Marvel TV series. Source: Variety
  3. So Avengers Age of Ultron is coming up in there coming week! Thought I'd make a poll and a thread where everyone can discuss the already released marvel scores and of course the upcoming ones! What's your favorite and least favorite Marvel scores in order, and why?
  4. It's amazing to me just how much interest this lesser-known, ragtag team of MARVEL heroes has sparked, especially in the midst of all the fervor surrounding Thor: The Dark World and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Thus, I figure it's only right that the Guardians have their home here on the forum and what better way to start it than a discussion of the recent but foreseeable choice of Tyler Bates to helm the film. Needless to say, I'm not so excited with that choice. If Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor's recent comments about MARVEL not letting him get his way with personal pick of composer Carter Burwell is any indicator, though, Bates probably won't last through post-production. Thoughts? Who would you rather see on board? (Hint, hint: Giacchino, Powell, especially Lockington)
  5. Variety: "Whedon to head 'Avengers'" This news just made my day year. When word broke last week that Joss was on the shortlist of possible directors, I knew that there was no way Joss would film a Zak Penn script unless he reworked it a bit himself, and thankfully, Variety confirms that this is indeed the case. I believe Entertainment Weekly said it best: "Joss Whedon to direct 'The Avengers'?: Existence of God no longer in doubt"
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