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  1. Yes… I too was surprised he gave me so much of his time! Very generous guy. And thanks everyone!
  2. Greetings friends! Just wanted to share an extended interview (really more of a chat) I did with one of my favorite composers, James Newton Howard. It's the first interview I've ever done, not to mention, it's with one of my heroes, so I'm pretty jittery, repetitive and, in every way, shape, and form, NOT the most interesting aspect of this 26 minutes. But alas, as expected, he manages to shine through that and the very standard line of questions I throw at him (this was actually conducted for another project I was doing, hence the generalized questions) and give a very intriguing, illuminating interview! One thing: I have to apologize in advance for the sound quality. I've found that cranking up the volume and donning a pair of headphones mostly does the trick, but the software I was using had some trouble and I had to record the whole thing instead with speaker phone and an Olympus LS-100. Not ideal. For anyone particular interested in "Maleficent", he mentions it a few times and notes that it's probably his favorite of his own scores, but the main discussion of it happens around 22:09. It's very apparent that this is the first time since the completion of the score that he's gotten the chance to talk about it. I hope you guys can glean something of interest from this! http://www.moviemusicmania.com/7/post/2014/05/composer-interview-james-newton-howard1.html
  3. Greetings friends! Just wanted to post two new reviews from MovieMusicMania.com for everyone's perusal. The first is for Frank Ilfman's surprisingly good score for Big Bad Wolves, an Israeli thriller (and dark comedy) hailed by Quentin Tarantino as the best film of 2013... Read The Review The second, somewhat belatedly, is for Olivier Derivere's fantastic videogame score for Remember Me. A stunning blend of orchestra and electronics... Read The Review Thanks everyone and happy listening!
  4. Listening, as a few others have been, to Hans Zimmer's "Rush": very familiar but still exciting and high-octane. READ MY REVIEW
  5. It's amazing to me just how much interest this lesser-known, ragtag team of MARVEL heroes has sparked, especially in the midst of all the fervor surrounding Thor: The Dark World and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Thus, I figure it's only right that the Guardians have their home here on the forum and what better way to start it than a discussion of the recent but foreseeable choice of Tyler Bates to helm the film. Needless to say, I'm not so excited with that choice. If Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor's recent comments about MARVEL not letting him get his way with personal pick of composer Carter Burwell is any indicator, though, Bates probably won't last through post-production. Thoughts? Who would you rather see on board? (Hint, hint: Giacchino, Powell, especially Lockington)
  6. In response to your question regarding earlier scores and the “big three", I do have plans to look back since there's so much great stuff to discuss but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet. I also don't know where to start so I'll have to mull that over. I may start with some of my most listened-to scores and pepper them into the new reviews. Also, for October I'm planning to almost exclusively dedicate the site to both classic and modern era horror scores. Really looking forward to that one. Happy listening!
  7. Understood. My rating system can't agree with everyone and I certainly get that. For example, any one of Howard Shore's LOTR scores is miles better in my book than Zimmer's Man of Steel. Those are definitely 5 star scores and if you end up popping by my site, you'll see that I give those out sparingly. Man of Steel, though, is a 4 for me because that was what I arrived at. For FilmMusicMedia it's a 5 and for Filmtracks it's a 1. Who's right? No idea, but I can tell you which one liked it and which one didn't. That's really all my star ratings mean... I liked it because of this or despite that and I think it's a good score. You and many other people are welcomed to and will most likely disagree with my opinion. That's kind of what I've signed up for unfortunately... it's a risk tackling the most controversial score of the year for your first ever review. However, I do sincerely hope your day is going better for you and appreciate you taking the time to visit regardless. As was requested, hug extended and awaiting reply. Happy listening! -John
  8. A few things amigo. First, I appreciate the time and thought you've taken to rip me a new one. Seeing that I'm just starting out at this, that's probably the most attention anyone's given to the site yet. Way to go you! Second, no I don't have a rating system that makes sense... honestly I don't think rating systems really can make perfect sense. Or at least there will always be holes to pick in them. I look at each score individually and go with my gut for a rating. If I like it, it's okay in my book and it doesn't matter if it's Williams or Djawadi. If you try to compare 4 star reviews... sure it's going to piss you off. And my credibility? None whatsoever. I'm not someone who has studied this academically nor someone who's spent time working in the industry. I'm just a 19 year old kid from the East Coast who's been obsessed with film music for as long as I can remember and has listened to a lot of it. It's my passion and that's why I started this site. Not to please everyone. (You've also mentioned just a few of my favorites, like Star Trek: The Motion Picture... “The Enterprise" is my ringtone.) Happy listening and thanks to everyone who's been supportive!
  9. Hi all! Just wanted to share my new site with everyone... it's been up for a little over a month and it's dedicated to reviews of the newest film scores, something of a major passion of mine. http://www.moviemusicmania.com Reviews thus far: Turbo - Henry Jackman The Wolverine - Marco Beltrami The Hunt (Jagten) - Nikolaj Egelund Only God Forgives - Cliff Martinez Pacific Rim - Ramin Djawadi The Lone Ranger - Hans Zimmer Much Ado About Nothing - Joss Whedon World War Z - Marco Beltrami Star Trek Into Darkness - Michael Giacchino Man of Steel - Hans Zimmer Soon to come: Planes - Mark Mancina The Conjuring - Joseph Bishara Elysium - Ryan Amon THANKS! -John
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