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  1. I feel like I should do an analysis of Always out of pure sympathy.
  2. Very cool! Here's a direct link to the Brightcove video, to do with what you will. EDIT: It's officially on YouTube now too.
  3. Meh. If they had to change it up, I wish they would've gone full 80s and gotten Giorgio Moroder.
  4. I'm too lazy make a text list, but here's my playlist for Muppets from Space.
  5. It's totally one of my favorite JW pieces ever. I get legit excited whenever NBC uses it for breaking news.
  6. Anybody know if Jack Nitzsche's Starman is stuck at Varèse, or could another label release it?
  7. I got to see when he came through Austin back in June. It was such a cool show! And all the more amazing since it's the kind of thing I never would have even conceived of getting to see. The band was a bit more rockin' than the mainly electronic sound on some of his scores—that Escape from New York video is a good example. I thought the Halloween theme in particular sounded incredible with the full band. Here's a potato quality pic I took:
  8. It was previously reported that the Williams featurette will be a "digital exclusive."
  9. Sometimes I'll starting humming this one and then my brain will turn it into "Celebrate Discovery." It's that first part of the verse that does it.
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