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Found 6 results

  1. Admin note: Continuation of the original thread What was that all about? Just savin' the world.
  2. Admin note: For earlier news before JJ Abrams was signed, see Disney buys Lucasfilm and all subsidiaries for $4.05billion, will release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015 J.J. Abrams is directing Episode VII So at least we know who's scoring it then. Karol
  3. I figured it was time to start a new thread now that we're really moving on to a new movie. And we have a preliminary date: June 29, 2012! Speculation to commence below.
  4. Very insightful interview with JJ Abrams He does mention John Williams: So: John Williams! Oh my God! First of all, forget his talent and his achievement. As a person, hes the guy you want to know more than anyone. He is the sweetest soul Ive ever met. Hes like this jazzman who became one of the greatest composers of all time. He literally calls you baby! Like, Hey, baby. He calls me J.J. Baby. I waited all my life to meet someone who would call me that! He works in pencil. You go to his home and listen to him play notes on the piano, and while youre listening, you extrapolate what it will be like when you hear the melody with an orchestra. It is unforgettable, a truly miraculous thing to behold. He has every one of his scores leather-bound. I was like, Do you mind if I ? He goes, No, go ahead! So I pulled out the Jaws score, and sure enough, there it is, in pencil on paper: baaaa-bum, baaaa-bum. Youre like, Well, thats what he wrote! Its as if youre hanging out with Mozart, who happened to score your favorite movies. I know everybody knows this, but when you actually think about what hes composed, it is as important as any work ever done on any of those movies. When you think about Superman and Raiders and Jawsand Close Encounterswhich came out the same year as Star Warsand then the Harry Potter movies? He is just superhuman. Its unbelievable that he is as brilliant and yet as modest as he is. Its just an amazing thing to get to know that guy.
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