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Found 3 results

  1. Hey fellow musicians and composers, A while back I did several live recordings with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. They had just around 25 minutes to record each piece, but pretty much nailed all of them ( for instance the runs in the middle part of "Spaghetti Con Brio" and those in "Kitchen Fiasco" should be extremely hard). Also, feel free to visit my homepage for recording session videos, more info about me etc: http://fredericbernardmusic.com/ I've also decided to put the full orchestral PDF scores up there (for free at this time) - just in case you'd like to study these works! Feedback on the music, or just anything else is always welcome and much appreciated. All the best, Frederic
  2. So a couple of years ago I was at the Hollywood Bowl and I took this video with my iPhone. I'm sure someone else has posted a similar video of it, probably better quality but if not or if any of you didn't see this, here you go. It's the last track on the Tintin Album and at the concert it was called The Duel and had a video of different sword duels throughout movie history. Anyway, enjoy xox
  3. Of the many official live concerts that have been recorded and then broadcasted over the years (and often still available on Tanglewood and BSO websites), which one should really have to be released on CD/BD? Which is your favorite? Why it's so special? Please no bootlegs... only known official recordings!
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