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Found 5 results

  1. Here's all the themes I hear on the OST and where they are located! This is in order of when they first appear as is purely my own interpretation; I am open to all other interpretations, other thoughts and comments, corrections, etc! Main Theme (Sophie's Theme) 01 Overture 0:12-0:37 01 Overture 0:48-0:56 03 Dream Country 2:17-2:38 03 Dream Country 7:23-7:26 06 Building Trust 0:34-1:15 06 Building Trust 1:59-2:22 08 Dream Jars 3:13-3:30 11 Snorting and Sniffing 0:45-1:01 11 Snorting and Sniffing 1:21-1:36 11 Snorting and Sniffing 1:51-1:56 12 Sophie
  2. Dreamworks issued a press release today indicating Thomas Newman will score Bridge of Spies. The press release simultaneously confirms that Williams will score Spielberg's The BFG. http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/thomas-newman-to-score-steven-spielbergs-bridge-of-spies-john-williams-will-tune-up-the-bfg-20150318
  3. I will use this thread to break down the complete score as heard in the film and notate any unreleased music, etc. For now, let's start with a Chronological order of the OST. Does this sound right to those who have seen the film? 01 Overture (1:18) [not heard in film and probably not written for it, but might as well leave it as an album opener] 02 The Witching Hour (4:40) 03 To Giant Country (2:33) 05 Sophie's Nightmare (1:57) 07 Fleshlumpeater (1:36) 06 Building Trust (3:25) 08 Dream Jars (3:30) [this is possibly a concert arrangement, or partial film cue, part
  4. Hi everyone, In case this hasn't been mentioned before... BFG sheet music now available in piano solo format: musicnotes only has - so far - 7 titles available digitally, whereas the hard copy folio has 2 extra selections. Publisher Hal Leonard has digital versions of all 9 cues. The piano reductions seem relatively easily arranged. No news yet on orchestral signature editions. from publisher: http://www.halleonard.com/search/search.action?_c&subsiteid=64&keywords=BFG&searchcategory=00 digital: http://www.musicno
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