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Found 4 results

  1. As I was considering the logistics of the Top 10 Horner Scores poll, I started thinking . . . while we're at it, why not dig a little deeper? We never did this one for JW, but Mr. Horner is a little more on everyone's mind right now, and a lot of us are spending some quality time digging deeper into the man's opuses anyway. I thought it would be interesting to see not only how his broader works compared to one another, but which individual compositions floated near the top in people's minds. There may be scores that don't make the other Top 10 list that have single pieces that would stand out
  2. I do this because this era is pretty unkown to a lot of people, beginning with me... So where to begin to start a basic collection? Make a top 10 of your favorites pre-Jaws albums! (I will later compile the results) Quickly some hints to help making your choice... 1957 Wagon Train [Original TV Music From] (Some Tracks composed by Johnny Williams. Music conducted by Stanley Wilson) 1959 The Music from M Squad (Some tracks composed by Johnny Williams. Music conducted by Stanley Wilson) 1960 Checkmate [Original Music from The CBS-TV Show] 1962 Diamond Head [Music From The Motion Picture] 1966 Ho
  3. Just played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time last night and got this nostalgic feeling about the music. So what are your Top 10 Tracks of the Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack? Here is my list: Hyrule Main Theme Title Theme Deku Tree Forest Temple Legend Of Hyrule Zora's Domain Gerudo Valley End Credits Kokiri Forest Great Fairy's FountainI used the Track Titles from the ZREO - Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack:
  4. Someone in the "memorial" thread suggested we do our JWFan patented Top 10 poll for Mr. Horner, the same one we've done for Mr. Williams twice. No one else has volunteered yet to spearhead the project, and since I was always disappointed I couldn't put together the Film Composers' World Cup, I might as well be the one to kick things off on this. The process should be familiar enough by now: Post your ten favorite James Horner scores (or the ones you consider his best) in order, starting with your favorite first, second favorite next, etc. You can number them if you like; if you don't, I'll ass
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